Friday, June 09, 2017

UFO challenge 2017

My guild has a UFO-challenge this year and I have signed up six of my UFO's.  I will have focus on these projects during the summer and fall.  And hope to have all finished to show them at our november quilt meeting.  

Quilt meeting in my guild

Last thursday was the last quilt meeting before summer vacation in my guild.  A lot of happy ladies came and we had a good time.  Like last year Kathrines Quiltestue came with a lot of goodies from her shop.  Kathrine herself was not able to come.......

but she had sendt these two sweet ladies with a car full of temptations. Thank you Anna-Malin and Helle for driving up to our meeting.

Shopping is always fun when there is so many temptations. 

Helle also gave us a demonstration on new rulers that had arrived in the shop.

Then there was show and tell:

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mai UFO focus

At the Tour the Fibre facebook group I have joined the challenge to have focus on projects.  To set goal for ourselves. Each month i will try have focus on one (or more) projects to get it finished.

This weekend I started to organize two cupboards in my sewingroom.  All saturday went working on that. An the bottom of  one shelf I found a paper bag with these brown and blue block.  You can't see the blue blocks here, but they are in the pile.  Found a paper in between that had the invitation to this class in 2009.  So it is an old ufo.

So what to do???  I arranged them in different ways, and ended up only using my blue blocks.  The brown and pink blocks went into the bag again.  Maybe I will do something with the brown blocks. Did not like this kind of pink together with it so that has to go.....if I do something with the brown blocks.

I even put together scraps of batting.  So easy when using the Heat Press Batting Together.

Did not have enough of the fabrics in the blocks to make a binding.  But luckily I found a perfect match for a binding in my stash.  

Binding on and I am sewing it down while watching a movie on TV.

So this evening or tomorrow I will have a finish.  Feels so good.
And then I will pick my next focus project.

Saying for today:

Monday, May 15, 2017



Happiness is family, friends, a BIG pile of fresh fabric and lot of inspiration.  I have been so lucky to have family that looked after Rusken while Hanne and I was on a 3 weeks quilt trip in USA. For you who follows me on instagram and facebook, you have been able to follow us visiting quiltshops, the zoo, spending time with friends and family, attending to a quilt retreat and a wonderful show and tell (thanks to Rosemary for making this smilebox),

My suitcase with all the new fabrics went missing at the airport, but arrived a couple of days later. And it was so fun unpack all the fabric, just like going shopping again.  I have a plan with a lot of the fabrics.

Like the background I bought for this quilt + that I am using a lot of the new fabrics for the blocks.  It is so addictive to make these blocks.  Just like candy, just one more ....and one more ....and .......

So far I have made 22 blocks.  160 to go.

While visiting the quilt retreat in Shipshewana I promised Hanne, Rosemary and Deb that I will make at least one blogpost each month. 

Hanne posted a Quilter's code today.  I found another one that have a few other abbreviations.  

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Sewingroom update

Already several days into February.  I think each day that now is the day to do a blogpost, then I get busy with other things.  But I have been busy in the sewing room, so I will give you an update on that.

Progress on my red and white quilt.  The center piece is almost done.  Just have to sew these three parts together.  Using triangle paper makes the peaces go perfect together.  More triangle paper is on my shoppinglist.

I spent one whole sunday in the sewingroom prepping the borders.  And my sewingroom was a big mess in the evening. You all know I love prepping projects.

Because then I can just sit down and relax with my sewing.

And most of the time i get company while sitting in my chair sewing. This quilt will be my focus project now.  I have a plan.  Just saying April and Shipshewana.

Last weekend my quilt guild had invited Anna-Malin to teach us how to sew Diva purses.

It was a great workshop and I started to make a Diva and a SewTogetherDiva. And I actually finished both of them during the weekend.

Here is my two Diva's closed.

And here they are open.  I am so happy how they turned out.  Both are already in use.

Some beautiful fabrics came home with me.  I think easter and spring.

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Sunday, January 01, 2017

Welcome to 2017

Happy new year everyone.  A new year with new possibilities. And let us all hope 2017 will be a good year for everything.  There is two months since I posted and I can just tell you all that it has been som very hectic months, both at home and at work. I know that there will not be that much different in the coming year, so I can't make any promises that I will blog more often.  But I will try.  As told you before, I am on instagram and it is easier to do quick posts there.  So please visit me on instagram.

This is my top nine insta posts in 2016.  I am quite happy with what I have done.  Having focus on ufo's I have actually manage to finish several projects.  And one promise I can give is that I will continue my project finish-ufo's in the coming year.  It gives me joy to pick a focus project and some day being able to call it a finish.

On this first day of 2017 I have been relaxing in my sewing room.  I started to sew together all these squares that I sewed last time my friend and I was at the cabin.  I bought the pattern, the background fabric and a lot of red fabrics when I was in Shipshewana november 2015.  There is a lot of work on this quilt, but maybe I can have as a goal to bring the top with me in April when I am going back there.  

Saying for today:

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