Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekend with friends

This weekend I’ve been with quilting friends at a cabin.  Only four of us this time, but we had a lot of fun and got a lot of sewing done.


I was working on a new bag (Anni Downs design)


And hand quilting on my snowman quilt.


The rain was pouring down, so it was great having a lot of sewing with me.  This time I actually had manage not to bring A LOT of projects.


Only the bag as my sewing machine project.  So when I have done all that I could do at the moment (of course I had forgotten to bring the magnetic closure and buttons) I had no more machine sewing to do.  And another whole day……. of course I could hand quilt my snowmen, or make some more star blocks.  But I started to make a little purse to go with my bag.


I also took time to prep this EPP project.  Easy to bring with me.


When I came home today I finished the bag.  This is the front


And the back.


And this is the little purse I made.  Nice to keep a little handsewing project in my bag.


And here is my new bag and purse.  Fun to have something new when going to the big quilt festival at Gardermoen in a few weeks.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Snowmen in august


Hope snow and winter stays away for a long long time.  I am not ready for that kind of weather.  Hoping we get a long and beautiful autumn first.  But in my sewing room I am preparing for winter and Christmas.  Basting this snow man quilt out on the porch.  The pillow box is very useful for many things.


Decided to do some machin quilting in the ditch.


But for the outher border I want to hand quilt this cable border.  This one has always been one of my favorite quilting stencils.  Perhaps doing some quilting in the small white border too.  Have to see if I have a small stencil to quilt there.  I have plenty of quilt stencils to choose from.


Ready to do some relaxing hand quilting now.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy dancing!


This weekend I started to machine quilt.  Just doing it the simple way following the lines in the star.  Started to sew down the binding yesterday.


And today I finished the binding.  Really love the look of this quilt. And it was so fun making it. It is made mostly from the fabric I bought in Shipshewana last november, so it has a lot of good memories.  If anyone wonder the pattern is from this book.

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Thursday, August 07, 2014



Found some fabrics that gsewed together the backing for this quilt.  And I had enough cotton batting for it.


So I brought my glue to the kantina at work and glue basted it.  Ready to do some quilting this weekend.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Wonderful summer

The last week of my summer vacation and I am just relaxing and enjoying the last days before going back to work.


So far this summer has been wonderful.  Long time since we had such warm days, and we have had it several weeks now.


A lot of bathing just to cool down.


And when it is too hot I am cooling down in the shadow.  This has been my favorite place this summer.


Or cooling down in the sewing room which has been the coldest place in the house.  Fun to sew these blocks.


I decided to add to more rows than the original pattern had and I am so happy that I have finished this top.  The pattern is from the book The Blue and the Gray.


And in the evenings when the the sun went down it was okey to sit on the other porch sewing down a binding.


Did the last quilting on this quilt today.


Finished !!!! Happy dancing !!!!  But my neighbour next door saw me holding up this quilt while my daughter took photos, and she told me she wanted to buy it.  I told her that I really have to think about that, because I really love it so much myself. 


Last weekend Hanne visited me and we gave eachother prizes for well done Tour de Fibre this summer.  Lot of sewing, chatting and a little road trip to Sweden.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

All blocks done !


Now just finding fabrics for the spacer blocks and sew it together. Happy dancing right now!  It went faster than I thought to sew these blocks.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rain and thunder = sewing time


Today it has been a lot of heavy thunder storms and rain, so the best way to spend the day was in my sewingroom.


Working on The Ohio Star Crossing quilt and I decided to start sewing the 36 patch blocks. A lot of cutting first and then chain sewing some blocks.


Rusken helped me guarding my my patches.


When the thunder storm was to heavy so I had to pull out all the outlets (and could not use my sewing machine) I did some hand stitching on my star blocks.


The blocks made today. Three 36 patch blocks ( the quilt has total of 32 blocks and I have made 16 of them….half way).  I also made two star blocks.

So thanks to rain and thunder I got a lot done today.

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