Sunday, September 18, 2016

A new project and some finishes

This weekend I started a new hand sewing project.  And I have had so much fun digging through my scrapbox and also challenging myself choosing fabrics I never thought would go together.

It is the Halo quilt (design Jen Kingwell).  Bought the templates some time ago.  Still waiting for the book to arrive, but I had no problem to figure out how the blocks are buildt by looking at photos on the internet.

My first two blocks and I have prepped three more.  So fun sewing these blocks.

Some finishes since last time I blogged.  These dresden plate blocks have been laying here for a long time. Was not sure what to make of them.  But when I decided to make a tablerunner I finished it in no time.

When Hanne made a blogpost about one of her Ufo's recently, she reminded me that I too had the same one some place in my sewing room.  Time to finishe this one too, and I am so happy how it turned out.  It is on my kitchen table now.

 I love stitchery and in my ufo box I have SEVERAL stitcheries.  Time to make something of some of them.  These three small stitcheries is now decorating small bags.  And I still have plenty of stitcheries to turn into something.  Planning to make christmas gifts.

So happy this quilt is finished.  Floral Garden (design Irene Blank).  Long time since I started this one.  I decided that I did not want to make more blocks and just use the one I had.  I am very pleased with the size of this quilt.  I do not have a lot of big walls to hang my quilts.  So this size was perfect.

I love Irene Blanks patterns and this one is from her book Focus on Applique.  Love doing needleturn applique and I enjoy so much working on these blocks.

We are having extraordinary september weather now. Wonderful days with summer temperatures.  This photos was taken last thursday while I was cleaning my windows on the top floor.

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Friday, August 26, 2016

August quiltmeeting

Yesterday my quilt group had their first meeting after a long summer vacation.  Usually we have our meetings in the kanteena at work, but this time we visited our local quiltshop at Flisa.  28 ladies had great fun in this shop.  Lots of  temptations.  Here is some photos from the shop.

Just a small show and tell this time. 

My finished Natures Journey (design Hatched and Patched).  So happy it's done.

Promise a new blogpost real soon to show you more of what I have been up to the last month.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Lazy summer days

Feels so good to have some lazy summer days.  Have had summer vacation for a whole week now and still have two weeks left to just relax. I really needed some days off from work to get better from my vertigo.  The world has been spinning for some weeks, but I start to feel better now. 

The weather has been perfect. Sun and outdoor sewing.  Some thunder storms with rain, but then it is perfect to be in the sewingroom. 

The first days of my vacation Hanne came visiting me.  I really needed some vitamin Q.  And Hanne inspired me to start sewing some blocks for The Chapman Quilt.

This is like cady.  So fun to sew these cute blocks.  And digging through my scrapbox it is like meeting old friends again when I pick up fabrics.  

Then I visited my friend Irene at the cabin for some days.  Can  it be better than this??  With our sewingmachines out on the porch.  

Sewed this small pouch.  The pattern is Anni Downs, but I sewed it together my way.  This is the front......

.....and this is the back.

Visiting Kathrines Quiltestue some weeks ago I bought a new kind of batting and I made this bag at the cabin. Think I will love this bag because of the shape and the size.

We did not just sew this weekend. A little trip out on the mire to look for cloudberries.

Yummy......this is my favorite berries.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Quilters on a road trip

Every year at this time four friends are going on their roadtrip to some quiltshops.  And today was the day for this years roadtrip.

First stop was at Merethes Quilteloft.  No photos from this shop.  Still was a bit dizzy from my yesterdays migraine attack, so I just concentrated to get my batting and backing.  And a Sewlite for my sewingmachine!!!!!  I have had this on my wishlist for a long time.  No I can get wonderful sewinglight at my sewingmachine.

Next stop at Kathrines Quiltestue.  The shop opened again yesterday after having big water leak some months ago.  The shop is now so light and inviting, with lots of inspiring quilts on the walls and loads of temptations.

Always so nice to visit Kathrines Quiltshop.  

For lunch we drove to Svartskog Kolonial.  A little old shop changed into a cafetaria that serves sandwiches, soup and cakes. 

Look at those floor tiles.  Looks like a quilt.

Back home again with all my treasures.  

Thanks to Bjørg who was a exellent and safe driver. And thanks Britt and Irene for wonderful company.  A day filled with laughter, inspiration and fun...........and empty wallets LOL.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Having fun with UFO's

Hello friends, I'm still here.  Not so very activ on my blogging.  I am mostly on Instagram and facebook groups. 

Time to put an update on my blog now.  And hope (can't promise anything) to be more active here on my blog in the future.  There has been (and are still) much going on at work with BIG reorganizing. I am so happy I have my sewing.  Spending time in my sewingroom is so theraphy.

So what has been going on in my sewingroom.  The UFO's has flying around the whole house.

 Floral Beauty (design Irene Blanck) was published in Simply Vintage magazine in 2012 and I started imidiately on this project when I got the magazine.  As you all know I LOVE needleturn applique and this was really a challenge with all its points and corners.  But I have had so much fun.  When I pulled it out from its box I had 23 blocks finished and 2 prepped to sew.  Why did I put it away?  I decided to make a 5x5 row quilt. Finished up quickly the last two blocks and started to sew the sawtooth border. The best way to do sawtooth borders is to draw it on freezerpaper and sew it onto the paper.  Makes the border fits perfectly.

And this is how my Floral Beauty looks like.  I am so happy how it turned out.  And the size is perfect to hang several places in my house.  Now I just have to baste it and figure out how to quilt it.  Because of all the layers of fabric in the applique I think it has to be machine quilted.  Will search on the internet to see if I can get ideas from how other quilters have quilted their Floral Beauty.

Next UFO to come out of the box was these Sunburst blocks.  The quilt is called Bordering the Nineteenth Century from Carolyn Konigs book One Stitch at a Time. Have had fun piecing together the remaining prepped blocks.

The original quilt has 8x8 rows, but I sewed togehter the blocks I had pieced and made a 6x8 row quilt.  One block leftover and that one will finally go on the back as a label.  Now I am looking for a fabric to make a border.  

Looking for another needleturn applique projects this UFO turne up.  Several years ago I made Sue Daleys basket quilt .  I love baskets and decided make these baskets in a reduced size.  It is reduced 50% and so fun working on these again.  And with new glasses my sewing goes so much easier.

And with two basted quilts ready to be machine quilted and still lots of old projects (and new ones) I know I will have plenty of fun sewing time in my sewing room. 
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