Sunday, January 18, 2015

Snow and sewing


This weekend I have been together with 3 good friends at the cabin.  As you can see there was a lot of snow on the roof.  Strange weather with rain when we arrived and minus 17 C when we woke up this morning.  We have had a wonderful weekend with sewing from early morning to late night (early morning).


I brought my new project for handsewing.  I do not manage to just sit by the sewing machine all day long. I had already prepped some blocks and it was fun starting to sew on these blocks.


Sewed a few of these basket blocks.


And they are sew fun to sew.


But my main machine sewing project was blocks for my Phebe quilt.  I had prepped a lot of blocks so it was easy to start sewing.


And I sewed A LOT of these blocks.  So now I just have to prepare 11 more blocks to sew and I have the 80 blocks required for frame number six. Still very very much work do do on this quilt. 

But for some time now I have to just do hand sewing, because tomorrow or another day this week I have to bring my sewing machine to get a service.  It has got a noice that I do not like.  Hope it will be back home really soon.


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Thursday, January 15, 2015

I’m still here :)

I am not lost in my sewing room.  Just have been so busy these days in the new year.  A lot of projects at work, so it has been so good just to relax when I comes home.  Been reading blogs, but have not been a good blogger myself. And I have been terrible bad in not commenting on your blogs.  But for you who want to follow be on istagram I am there as abyquilt (of course)


Cold weather and snow storms made me pull this quilt out of the box.  Still a lot of handquilting to do on it, but I have to take it slooooooow.  Did too much handquilting one day and the next day my arm was not good.  So perhaps if I do just a couple of threads each day (now and then) it will be finished one day.  As you see one special guy have claimed this quilt for his.


Started to sew these cute basket blocks from Blacbird Designs blog.  You can find the pattern here if you want to make some too. They are so fun to sew.


I have also prepped some blocks for my Phebe quilt. So easy to just enter the sewingroom and sew a few blocks now and then.  I am a big fan of spending a whole day just prepping and put the parts into small plastic bags.


Progress on my Phebequilt. I have finished all four borders with needleturn.  And have sewed three of them to the center piece.  Doing mitered corners with needleturn applique.  Quick and easy way to do mitered corners.


Still have a lot of needlturn to do in the four corners.  Birds, more flowers and acorns.


And then this book came in my mailbox.  Hurray….a new project designed by Sue Daley.  I ordered this book and bought the fabric back in september at the Norwegian Quilt festival. Finally it came and I am looking forward to start sewing this quilt.


Will add some of my own fabrics to it.  And I have had a fun day prepping some blocks for it already.  Easy to bring in my purse when going away for a visit.


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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy new year 2015


I give my family and all my friends the best wishes for the new year. 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cold weather


Until close to Christmas we had very strange winther weather with rain and warm temperatures.  But this photo is taken 21.dec when it startet to snow.


And it snowed a lot and gave us a beautiful white Christmas.  But the temperature started to sink.


And it got very cold.


This photo I took early this morning.  Look at the beautiful sunrise!  Hope this means a change in the weather and the temparature will rise a little bit.


Not so much out doors activity when it is this cold.  Rusken is not allowed outdoors in this cold weather.  He also thinks it is too cold.  So he helps me checking blogs and just sleeps in front of the fire place.


I have been doing some needleturn and stitchery while watching Christmas movies on tv.  And yesterday I went into my sewing room and sewed a few blocks for my Phebe quilt.  Will continue sewing more of these today.  Love working on my Phebe quilt.


I have not been able to post this photo earler.  But now when the Christmas present is opened I can show you.  Potholders and makeup bags for my family this year.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

Christmas peace is in the house and we are ready to celebrate.   There has not been so much blogging lately, but I promise I will do better next year.  However I have used Instagram a lot, so if you use Instagram you can follow me there as abyquilt (of course LOL)


Both my children are home for Christmas and they are as always having a lot of fun decorating the Christmas tree.


Santa filled the stockings last night and I found this hanging on my sewing room door.


Look what I found in my stocking.  Love this pattern. Have to trace this on a fabric and start sewing it.  Thank you Santa for remembering me.


Rusken have found himself a new spot in the sewing room and wish all his friends a Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas to all my friends.  I wish you all a peaceful Christmas with a lot of joy and sparkle.

Monday, December 01, 2014



Today I could open the adventcalendar from my daughter.  It is always a joy to get this from her.  Each day I can open a box and there is a saying she has written down to me.  I love this calendar and I am looking forward to each morning I can open a new box.

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Sunday, November 30, 2014 sunday in advent


Already sunday in advent.   I have started my Christmas preparations.  And this morning I enjoyed opening my advent calender in the light of the first advent candle.  I enjoy these quiet mornings.  This year I have four advent calenders.  One from Hanne, one from Nancy and one that is to myself from myself. I gave a friend some money and asked her to buy me four small quilty gifts and wrap them up for me as an adventcalendar.  The fourth adventcalendar is from my daughter, but I am not allowed to open it until tomorrow.  So I am so curious what she came up with this year.  Love the one she gave me last year.

Wish you all a wonderful advent.

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