Friday, August 30, 2019

Quilt camp Norway 2019

Day One

Then it was time to pack my bags and go to Quilt Camp Norway.  The biggest quilt reatreat in Norway.  Were told there were almost 600 who had signed up for this event + all day visitors.  So this is BIG.  First of all a lot of thanks to Kathrines Quiltestue who put together this event.  Thanks to Kathrine and her crew, you all did an AMAZING JOB!!!

Arriving the hotel we were met by this :) 
We knew we had arrived the correct hotel.

The shops opened 18:00 and we were redy to find treasures and get tempted.
Here comes some photos from the shopping area:

First day (evening) of Quilt Camp we spent looking through the quilt shops, meeting up with old and new friends.  Soaking in the atmosphere at the Quilt Camp. My friend and I spendt the first night at another hotel.  Easy food and a glass of rosè was perfect ending of this day.

Day Two

I had signed up for a class with lovely Jen Kingwell.  

Even though I feel like I am an expert on needleturn applique I got some new tips on how to do it.

A nice class today.  Relaxing and inspiring.

And this is the block I sewed during the class.  Its Jen's pattern from the book All in a Row Again.

My friend Elisabeth took a clas with Jen some years ago and today she showed Jen the how her quilt turne out.  Beautiful quilt.

And of course I had to get a photo of Jen and me :)

A really good day with lot of inspiration and laughter.  Now we have checked in at the Camp Hotel.  More days of fun is coming.

Day 3

Signed up for a class with beautiful Annie Downs.

Sewing "The little Things Pencilcase".  Tiny peaces in wool applique.  Not done wool applique  much so this was a class I learned good tecniques to get this nice.  The whole pencilcase is sewn together only by hand.

Day 4

As you can see there were a lot of ladies here.  Just imagine the noise when everybody talking and laughing together.

Finally I got some time to look at the exhibition. 

And YES......I did some shopping.

This was a wonderful long weekend filled with inspiration, joy, catching up with old friends and meeting new friends. Hope this event will take place again in some years.  I'll be there :)

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