Saturday, January 20, 2007

It's freezing cold outside

Brrrr.....It's minus 18 outside. We have snow and now it's like a Norwegian winter should be. But I am freezing :) So this weekend I will stay inside and sew most of the time. Just outside to go to the shop, a six-years birthday and visiting my mother.

I have made this little stitchery. I loved the saying on it. I will sew some beads in the hair on the girl to the left and some beads that will be a necklace on the other two girls. And then I will put this stitchery in to a .........wait and see. I hope to do this .......... this weekend. LOL, come back and see what it will be. Only one have responded that they have a block in my siggie swap. It is Hanne, and here is her block. Why if we started a siggie swap among us bloggers now? Would that be fun?

Have a nice weekend all of you. Hope you get a lot of sewing done. I'll be back with my sewing report later this weekend.


Dawn's Daily Journal said...

I think a siggies block would be a ball!! Let me know if you start one and I'll send you some blocks right away. I love the stitching that you did. The girls are soo cute!!!

Anonymous said...

YES, dear, a blogger friends siggie swap is such a GREAT idea !
I can already imagine a quilt with all my dear friends on it !
And what a cute, cute, stitchery !
Hugs é smiles,

ForestJane said...

Minus 18? Brrrrrr! Sounds like a good excuse to sit in a warm house, thick flannel quilt over your knees, purring cat warming your toes, and sew. :)

jodie said...

I thought we need to do a siggie swap in blog land after reading your post last night. You realise now you are the organiser!!!

I cannot imagine minus 18. During the DAY, here on the Gold Coast, if it was to get down to 18 ABOVE zero in winter time, it would be freezing! Winter nights can get as low as 10!


Hanne said...

How fun to see my own siggie on your blog May Britt. I have since then changed my sirname but kept my husband - a good deal ;-)
Your stitchery is lovely, as is all your work.
We don't have the same cold here as you have there, but it is cold and the wood burner is going strong in the living room.

Sweet P said...

The stitchery is adorable. I can't wait to see what you make from it this weekend. The siggie quilt is great. I would join in a siggie swap if youdecide to have one.

Cynthia said...

another lovely stitchery you have made May Britt. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

i have put a post on my blog about the siggie swap. Hopefully we'll have enough bloggers interested for it to go ahead.

Anita said...

Det var et herlig broderi May Britt - gleder meg til å se fortsettelsen :-D

Diana said...

I would love to be involved in a swap. just let me know the details. your embroidery is beautiful.

Linda C said...

What fun seeing your Dear Jane siggies like that. So colorful and fun.

I have some siggies of my quilt group and other friends in little rail fences that I need to do something with, one of these days. One girl made a tote bag out of hers to carry her quilting stuff back and forth from the meetings.

Libby said...

I must stop complaining about the cold here -- you must just be a little popsicle *s*
Your stitchery is darling. . . what will it be? I'll be back.

Quilty said...

I just found your blog and I like your site very much. I'm interesting in a blogger-swap and would like to join in.

It's amazing how many Dear Jane siggies you've got, I am a Dear Jane lover too.
Brigitte from Germany

bingo~bonnie said...

I think this soudns fun - can't wait to hear more about it! ~Bonnie

Anja´s Wunschpunsch said...

Your bag is very nice. I like the pattern. The girls are look so much friendly.

I like your side and all your works.

hugs Anja

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