Friday, March 23, 2007


There was 20 shops at our annual quilt meeting. And every shop showed a lot of beautiful things. When I am browsing through the shops I always take photos of things I might do some day. My mind is always ocupied with looking at patterns, books, fabric and stuff, so when I comes home I do not remember what I saw. So dokumenting ideas on photos is very good. Then I can look at them when I come home. So now I will give you a little tour through the ideas I got from the shops visiting our annual meeting.

A beautiful heart with buttons. A saying sorrounds the heart.
Would be nice as a gift for a friend.
A beautiful stitchery. Do not remember the name of the book.
But I sure will buy this when I find out.
The book was sold out when I got to this shop.
This stitcheries is from the same book.
And here they have added stitchery from the same book
to a purse pattern from Pia Godske Rasmussen.
You understand why I got to have this stitcherybook?
A beautiful table runner pattern from AnnAKa.
I will use my newly bought light green fabrics to make this one.
A look into Northern Quilts shop.
Wenche has specialized to design norwegian stitchery pattern.
Another photo from Northern quilts shop.
Here is Siw who owns Quiltegården . Also one of my favorite quiltshops.

In one shop I saw this apple core table topper. I want to make this.
But the templates were sold out. So I have to order them.
A beautiful easter table runner.
and some hens.
A cat purse.
I bought the pattern for this toilet purse, and want to make it soon.
And finally a beautiful romantic quilt.
My brain is now filled with ideas for new things to make. But will I ever do them?? That's the big question LOL. I think I'm not the only one having hundreds of ideas after coming home from a quilt event. New books, new patterns, new fabrics. Inspiration from the shops, the exhibition, show and tell and not to forget all the beautiful bags the visitors carried.

Today's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!! That means I will sit in front of the tv and finally have some time to sew.....if I don't fall asleep in the chair LOL. Have a nice weekend everyone.
Saying for today:

If calories are an issue,
store your chocolate on top of the fridge.
Calories are afraid of heights
and they will jump out of the chocolate
to protect themselves.


Leigh said...

There really are lots of lovely patterns around. They are veryu tempting

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Great stuff, what a great quilt meeting. I will look forward to checking what you have made after the weekend, Tracey

Anita said...

May Britt - shal I tell you something ;-D ..... I bought the last stichery book you are mentioning and showing pictures from :-)))

Helen said...

I am moving my chocolate to the top of the fridge as soon as I finish my blog reading!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely FABULOUS ! What a choice of cute patterns ! Thanks for showing ! (Fortunately, I wasn't there : I would be "empty pockets" now! LOL)

By the way, how can you load so many photos in one single post ? My blog hardly accepts 2 of them, maximum (even with small size choice). However, we've got the same blogger power, don't we ????????

Also, I can't put some spaces between my paragraphs : it accepts them, when typing, and then compacts everything,when publishing ! ???????????

Big hugs & smiles !
NADINE (who is "problem-blogging AGAIN !!! LOL)

Angie said...

Lovely, lovely projects and ideas, May Britt! I too came home from the quilt shop with "visions of quilts dancing in my head". LOL The stitcheries book that was sold out looks like it will be a wonderful book to have!!

CONNIE W said...

May, Just seeing the photos in your post today made my day! All those beautiful & inspirational things - small quilts, runners, bags, & more. My eyes are drawn to anything with pink. Great idea taking photos for reference. I'm going to Paducah next month and I do plan to take my small digital camera for that purpose. Thanks so much for sharing all these lovely photos. Happy weekend. :)

Hanne said...

Thanks for the look - inspiration, inspiration. By the way - what shop had that Yoko Saito French book? I can resist all but temptations you know ;-)

david santos said...

very weel done May.
this work is very nice. thank you
have a good weekend

Ms. Jan said...

What a wonderful show! The vendors are so nice to let you photograph things; they aren't all so generous here. Nice pictures. =)

Unknown said...

May Britt, what wonderful photo's, no wonder you have visions of quilts running through your head. I'd have trouble deciding which one to start first. Thanks for sharing your photo's with us, what a lovely way to start our day.

Marla said...


Anne Ida said...

Hi, May Britt! I've been browsing through your pictures from Hell, and it looks like you had a wonderful time. Really wish I had "gone to Hell" with all of you :o) Everything you must have learned from eachother and all the inspiration... extatic sigh! Have a wonderful weekend!

Anne Heidi said...

I wish I had been as smart as you- taking pictures of future projects- or just for inspiration. I think I was just wandering around in a happy quilting daze all weekend. It was so much fun though-can't wait until next year!

McIrish Annie said...

my chocolate will now be kept on top of the fridge! Great tip!! LOL

love all the ideas you found. but now if you could just find a shop that SELLS EXTRA TIME@!

Anne Sutton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anne Sutton said...

I LOVE seeing all the photos. It is so exciting to see designs from around the world. You have selected such nice things to make. The stitchery book looks adorable. You must let us all know the name of it after you find out!

bingo~bonnie said...

Thanks for sharing photos from your "Shop Hop" - you are lucky that the store owners didn't mind you taking photos. Sounds like you and your friends had a fun day of shopping! ~Bonnie in SE Texas

Darlene said...

So much inspiration. Wonderful "eye candy".

meggie said...

Lovely Post May Britt, thanks for sharing all the lovely goodies!

Tazzie said...

What wonderful inspiration, I can see why you're determined to buy that book! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

Susan said...

Wow, thanks for the picture tour! What great fun that must have been. Here in the US, they almost never let you take pictures of the booths. =( I carry a paper with me and sketch some things, write notes about what I might want to come back for later. And where it is! That stitchery book looks fabulously stuffed with great ideas.

Sweet P said...

Wow! Lots of great ideas. I am getting into stitchery myself and those are some fantastic patterns.

Tina said...

Takk for titten! Utrolig mye fint. Blir utrolig fristet til å reise på neste NQF`s møte!

Simonetta said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Simonetta said...

A lot of inspiration in these photos!!! Thanks May Britt :)))

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