Thursday, January 24, 2008

Gave og Interiör (Gift and Interior Design) Vendors Fair

As Hanne writes in her blog; we had a girls day out and the fair. So much inspiration, colours, smells, ideas and much much more. We arrived the fair at 09:00 and stayed there all day til almost 18:00. We could not buy anything there because this was a fair where shopowners order new things to their shop. And perhaps that was the best for my wallet LOL But we could walk around and look at all the goodies and just get inspired.

My friend Hanne and I found our "goodies shop". With sooooooooooo many stitcheries we just have to have :)
And you see Hanne is smiling from ear to ear.

Look................alll this goodies.............
And more goodies!!!!
At one stand AnnAKa showed how to use Paintstik. This was a new tecnique to me, but I would love to try it.
And below some quilts in japaneese fabrics. I love these soft colours.

I get reports from eager ladies on my "January finish it up month" challenge. So many WISPs are getting finished. Below are the latest reports.

Leslie have finished a baby quilt
Carey have finished her cowboy quilt, but she found two new wisps while working on it LOL
Kerry have finished a tablerunner and a machinemat.
Elin have finished her 11th WISP. A beautiful table runner.
Eileen have also finished a beautiful Jingle Joly Runner tablerunner.
Christine have finished a lovely stitchery tablerunner
Hanne have finished a makeup purse in stitchery.
Inger have finished a tablerunner with angels.
Laila have now finished two wallquilts.
Tamara have finished her 4th of July wallhanging.
Moorea have finished two quilts.
Sigrun have finished her bulls eyes quilt
Patti have finished her 5th wisp, Josephs quilts.
Kerry turned a little stitchery into a cute little bag.
Yvonne have finished a red and white tablerunner
Christine have finished a beautiful stitchery pillow.
Inger have finished a pair of potholders.
And again Christine have finished another WISP before I managed to publish this post. And so have Inger. Now she has finished a beautiful Fairyland pillow.
And still you have one week to join this challenge and finish some WISPs. Remember there is a prize for the one that finishe most WISPs and another prize to one that just have joined this challenge.
And now I better start finishing some WISPs too.......LOL
Saying for today:
To quilt or not to quilt, DUH!


Foothills Fabric & Threads said...

Hi May Britt, Looks like you girls had fun at the fair. I recognised Helen from Hugs 'n Kisses stitcheries. We are doing her Nice People Nice Things (block of the week)stitcheries and they are a lot of fun. Your list of WISP's is getting more impressive each week. Congratulations to all the participants, hugs Sandra

Christine said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of the fair. So many lovely things. I was particularly taken by those Japaneses quilts. Better get back to some more WISPs. Happy stitching.

atet said...

What fun inspiration you found at the show. And yep, probably good for your pocketbook that you weren't able to buy anything!

Cheryl said...

What a wonderful day out. So many wonderful stitcheries..I would want them all!

Carole said...

Wow, Hanne looks like she's in stitchery heaven! lol Beautiful shop! I just would have never guessed that those quilts were made with Japanese fabrics. They are sweet! Thanks for motivating us with completing our WIPS and UFOS. Count me in your challenge!You're a sweetheart!

TMQG said...

HI May Britt, so thats where they went! Seriously though I have a question for you, would you be able to email me, hugs, Helen from Aus.

jeanette said...

A lovely day in "quilters heaven"? :)
That japanese quilt with hexagons looks nice...thank´s for sharing!

Inger said...

It seems like you have had a very lovely day together among those beutiful stitcheries and other work. Have a nice weekend.

pip said...

Der var en masse til inspiration på den messe,svært når man ikke kan købe og bare har lyst, mønstret ti fuglene er fra Melly & me, har fået min lille lokale patchworkforretning til at skaffe det, det hedder Messenger birdie.

Anne Ida said...

Ohooo! There looks like you girls had a wonderful time! And all those goodies! Look foward to look for some of those new things in the shops :o)

Nina In Norway said...

No wondering you girls had a great time. Wish I was there with you :o)

Monika said...

heia :-)
Det såg ut som dere hadde det veldig koselig :-)
Såg eit teppe med noen kuer på - veit du kven som selger det mønstret :-)
Ellers så har eg ferdig 3 ufoer
Smil fra monika og styggeveret

Karrin Hurd said...

That stitchery place I could have gotten in a lot of trouble in!

Juliann in WA said...

Looks like a lovely day out. And I am going to have to make that quilt that is a tiny square in the middle. Love it. I do have one finish - a little sampler wall quilt. So all is not lost for the month.

Julia said...

I love the stitcheries!!! Do you know of a good online source for them? I would love to add some to my quilting. How is that shoulder doing?

Anonymous said...

... And what about my 4 Seasons Swap Quilt ???? Isn't that a finish ???? I started it in 2007, you know !... LOL LOL

WOW, what a fair, indeed ! THANKS for showing, dear.

(5 days now !)

Libby said...

Wow - what a show. It must be difficult to see so many lovely things and not be able to take a couple home with you *s*

Noelia said...

Fantastic day, looking all these beautiful things !!

Unknown said...

Thanks for showing us all those lovely photos.

Vigdis said...

Åååå, det ser så artig ut å være på den messa. Bare ved å se på bildene dine blir øyet stort og vått. :)

Lynette Anderson said...

What a wonderful surprise to see a few of my quilts in the photos you took at the fair, looks like you and Hanne had a wonderful day out.

Jeanne said...

Aren't you and Hanne the lucky pair to spend so much time among all that inspiration! The Japanese quilts are so pretty. One of these days...

keslyn said...

What a special day, spent at a quilt fair with a friend, must have been like Heaven.
There are always far too many wonderful new projects to work on.
Looks like it was a great fair.

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, look at all the pretty stitcheries you have found. And wow! You've inspired so many ladies to finish up their WISPs!

Gunn Torild said...

SUKK!!! Jeg var i Oslo feil helg ser jeg!!!
Her var det utrolig mye lekkert!!!
Er denne messa i Oslo bare en gang i året??? Skulle gjerne vært der.
Hilsen Gunn Torild

Susan said...

How wonderful to see Hanne smile from ear to ear. I am so pleased that you girls had some quality time together.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your photos !1 I love Annaka , the work is very beautiful !! Hugs from Chile , Vero

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