Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A little bit of sewing

Easter holiday together with my two children is always playing games. And we had some big laughs while playing this game. And I lost usual.

And I have done a little bit of sewing these days. Now six blocks of Joy of Life is finished. We had a "block preparing"-meeting last week. When I arrived there I had forgotten to bring my background for the new block, so I just got to trace the pieces and cut them.

And yesterday I prepared block 7.

And out sewing in the sun. We have had marvellous weather for several days now.

But today...................rain rain rain rain. I knew the wonderfull weahter would not stay for long.
But at this time I love the rain too because the snow is melting. We now got a swimmingpool in front of the garage.
The weather news are telling we are going to have sun again on friday, I really hope that because Hanne is coming for a visit and it would be nice to sit out on the porch stitching.
And that is perfect sewing weather. So today I pulled out my red fabrics and prepared all blocks for Gail Pans "A Christmas Wish" BOM. I do not know if this is the way Gail is going to sew them together, but I take a chance. Now I have to trace block 2, 3 and 4 (I'm so behind on these blocks)

And I finished the third block in Bunny Hills "A tisket A tasket Twelve months of baskets". Block 4 has been released so I will prepare that one too today I hope. I love this baskets, they are soo cute. So thank you Anne for giving these blocks for free.

Saying for today:
Life is like a rainbow.
You need both the sun and the rain
to make its colors appear


Nancy in Norway said...

It's always fun to play games when the kids comes home for holidays. I our house we play card games.

Your Joy of Life looks wonderfull.

I should start on those Tisket Tasket blocks my self. Espesially since I won such a wonderfull bundle form Bunny Hill.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I want to sit out in the sun and sew, no luck here in Illinois!!

Two said...

Å så nydelige blogger du har applikert!God påske, håper sola dukkar opp att snart!

Stina Blomgren said...

OOhhh... I love playing games too..but Im like you...always lose...:o)
And May Britt... ahhh I love your blocks... and talking about being behind ... who is that???? Not me..Oh no... LOL..oh yes its me...
You see...Rain is good to...melts faster... ;o)
Happy Easter!!!

~JoAnn~ said...

I love your Christmas wish blocks, the reds are so pretty. You do wonderful work with the applique, I have never done any but have printed out the Bunny Hill baskets just in case I want to try some. I too am behind in all of my block of the months but eventually they will get done.

Cattinka said...

You have been very busy, I like your work a lot. The joy of life is great, I like the way you set "a christmas wish" and I like your "a tisket a tasket" blocks.

Two said...

Hmmm, gjekk litt fort med skrivinga ser eg, meinte blokker, men det passar no med blogger også på eit vis...... ;)

Tone Yvonne said...

Flotte blokker!!
Vi får håpe regnet idag har vært forbigående ;-D

Ha en fortsatt god påske!


~Marica~ said...

Så fina dina block blir.. Mina är just i starten sedan länge tillbaka.. Spel är alltid kul och som dag en förlorare är nog jag också för det mesta men vad gör väl det när det är så kul att spela..

Ha en skön påsk!


Trudi said...

You are such a busy lady! All your quilts are coming along beautifully. A blessed Easter to you and your family!

Deb said...

May, your Joy of Life blocks are stunning. It always feels good to have a productive time catching up doesn't it.

Mistea said...

The sewing you have been doing looks fantastic. How nice to be out in the sunshine, recently we have been getting lots of grey days with rain, oh well just have to stay inside and stitch something!

Dawn said...

Your blocks look fantastic!! Happy Easter!

Nancy said...

Is that a version of Monopoly? It looks like fun.

This is the time of year when warm weather comes and goes so quickly you must take adavantage of it while you can.

Quilty Hugs!

Joy said...

Oh I love all your BOM blocks!! None of mine have made it into "fabric form" yet ... one day :o).
Nice to see you're getting some sunshine!
Joy :o)

MOMENTS Designs said...

May Britt, you sure have been busy!
Can I get some of your energy ? LOL
All your work is beautiful but your Joy of Life blocks are fabulous !!
This will be a wonderful quilt !

Pink Feather Paradise said...

we have had some lovely sunshine here too, but its deceiving as the wind has a real bite to it

I love your blocks and I am stunned that you can work on so many projects all at the same time!

X Alex

Deb said...

Your Joy of Life is really beautiful and I love to see your process developing so wonderfully. Also I see you are doing the BOM and they are gorgeous too.. don't wish for nice weather yet..we need more needlework time before the summer starts!!

Unknown said...

My kids and I love games . I used to let them win now I'm finding they're "letting"me win . Lol

Teresa said...

You have been very productive on your break. Your game looks like a round version of what we call Monopoly.

Unknown said...

Enjoy the Easter holiday with your children.

Anonymous said...

Hello May, your blocks for the Joy of Life are beautiful as well as Tisket Tasket blocks....Regards lyn

Jantine said...

I love your baskets! I do download those patterns too for better days to come ;-). Don't have room now for an extra appliqué patterns...
Hope you like the fun of games more than the winning, just as I do ... than you will have a good time.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh your Joy of Life blocks are WONDERFUL! Wow I love them!

Unknown said...

What a lovely blog! You have very nice proyect. Hugs from Spain

TaraB said...

Your work is absolutely beautiful!! Where do I get the pattern for Joy of Life???

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