Sunday, May 02, 2010

Weekend with good friends

When three good friends brings sewingmachines and a lot of projects to the cabin, there are always a lot of laughter, serious discussions (and not so serious discussions) around the sewing table. The most important thing to be with friends like this, is the laughter and the good time we are sharing.

I brought of course a lot of projects. Too many. I guess I could have been away for several weeks and still haven't finished all of them.

After a long walk some red wine beside the sewingmachine.

This was the first project I finished this weekend. I have been sewing on this quilt every time we have been at the cabin, and now I managed to finish the top. Ready to be basted and quilted. I guess I will try to machine quilt this one, but I am a little bit scared because I am not that skilled with machinequilting so big quilts.

Next project to work on was this little table runner. Design Northern Quilts. I started it some years ago, and now it is ready to be basted and machine quilted.

Another table runner. Design AnnaKa. I bought the pattern last summer when Hanne, Bente and I was on our quilt trip to Fabrikkutsalget. So I have to finish it before we're going on our next quilt trip there. Now it is ready to be basted and machine quilted.

Do you remember the selvages in my previous post :) Look what I have made of them. A little purse to keep a on the go project in. It was so fun working with them because there were so many cute selvages. This is the front.
And this is the back.

I did not spend all the time by the sewingmachine. Relaxing in the coach I did some handsewing. One year ago I joined this BOM. I made the first block very fast and then the rest was just hidden in a box. I have decided to focus on this BOM now and may be try to have it finished this autumn. This is block #2, and I appliqued the house and started on the small leafs. There are 26 tiny leafs to be appliqued now :) But I love doing needle turn applique, so this will be fun.

Saying for today:

Joy is a flower that blooms when you do.


Cattinka said...

Hello May Britt,
you really got a lot done, I´m proud of you. By the way, I´m the same like you I don´t like machine quilting that much. I have my "a tisket a tasket" quilt waiting for me to be quilted. But it will be the next thing I do on my sewing machine, it needs to be finished!

Karen said...

Do the selvedge edges add a lot of weight to your projects?

Sølvis blog said...

Så mye fint du har jobba med på hytteturen. Spennende farvekombinasjoner på den støre quilten din.

Hanne-Kristine said...

Beautiful work May Britt. I really liked your selvedge bags, what a good idea. The AnnAka runner is my favorite, I`ve bought the pattern, but need too finish A LOT of other projects first..... :oD

hug hk

Hanne said...

You really got a lot done - I am proud of you :-)
Send some sewing energy my way, please ;-)

Lyckligs-Cozy-Cottage said...

Oh, I can imagine how much fun you´ve had! Must be great to know and have quilting fans to share the hobbies together. I don´t know anyone here around so I love blogworld for sharing so much. You´ve made very nice projects, cannot wait to see them quilted. I always quilt by hand (because I have a very cheap sewing machine) and would love to be able doing it faster.
Many greetings from a rainy germany

Sherri said...

Oh, I love the applique'd house will be fun to see each block as you work on them!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Perfect combination for a wonderful weekend May Britt...I love the AnnaKa table runner..

Miriam said...

I love all your sewing, but especially your house block!

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey May Britt! Oh! It looks like you had a wonderful weekend at the cabin ... as you always do! It always make me wish I had some stitching friends I could spend a weekend with. All of your projects are GORGEOUS! Love the pink and green runner and your daisy runner is looking great - I remember seeing a photo of the sample of this one when you showed photos of your trip! :0) Lovley to see what you've been up to - thanks for sharing! Bear Hugs!


My goodness girl--when you decide to finish some UFO's you finish them--love all of them and you must work on those houses--how sweet they are!!!
Hugs. Di

Unknown said...

May Britt, you certainly achieved a lot for the weekend!! You put me to shame. I have been knitting some lovely warm socks because winter is heading our way here in Australia!! I need to make a couple of little printed cord. pinnafores for my darling 20 months old grandaughter. I actually bought the fabric on special from my quilt shop at Nundle. The colours I bought were mushroom pink, pale blue and pale green. Keep up your good work!!


Dolores said...

What beautiful projects. How wonderful that you managed to finish some.

Anne Ida said...

You really had busy fingers over the weekend! Lots of gorgeous projects you worked on! Congratulations on finishing the Bread and Butter quilt top - have lots of fun machine quilting it! I know you can do it - it's all a question of having fun doing it ;o)

Sigrun said...

Jammen har du mange flotte arbeider på gang. Det er godt å se at det ikke er bare meg som jobber med flere ting samtidig.
Så vil jeg gjerne få takke deg for den flotte og mangeårig innsatsen du gjort i NQF. Tusen takk. Det er sikkert deilig å være herre over sin egen tid igjen. Har forstått at det å være styremedlem tar mye tid og krefter.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Love what you've been working on...the idea of being cooped up in a cabin, with friends, with wine and sewing machines sounds blissful!!

Grethe said...

Gosh,du er produktiv altså!!
Så gøy å se. Er så glad at jeg har
lært av deg at man kan bruke og lage noe av "selvage" kantene (blomsterbilde ditt var jo så fint). Jeg har jo kastet mine i mange år,men jeg sparer nå da. Annaka løperen din ser også fin ut;morsomt mønster. Good work done :o)

Karen said...

This is my first visit to your blog, it's wonderful. That flower runner is quite possibly one of the cutest things I've ever seen. It's beautiful. Is the pattern available? I'll be back to browse when I have time. Thanks for sharing.

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