Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sewing and baking


Having a dough raising out in the kitchen while being in the sewingroom busy sewing, ends like this. I totally forgot all about the dough.


Busy sewing triangles and watching an episode of Grey’s anatomy.


This is the project I should have been working on last weekend at cabin, but had forgotten the pattern back home.


All squares done and I am ready to sew them on to the stitchery. Winter is soon coming to Norway and I love the saying on this one. “Winter is most certainly best spent at home stitching”.


Althoug the mishappening with the dough, the result tasted very good with butter and brown cheese on.


After a long day in my sewingroom I will relax with some needleturn and a good movie on the tv. Working on the small blocks for my antique sampler quilt.

Saying for today:

I'd give up chocolate,
but I'm no quitter!
~Author Unknown


RandiT said...

Å så stor deigen din ble! Ser kjempegode ut da dem er stekt da:) Spennende å følge med på prosjektene her inne:)

Hanne said...

You really have been busy - I can smell your baking all the way here :-)

Joy said...

Multi tasking at it's best May Britt ... your baking looks delish!!!!
Joy :o)

busyascanbe said...

LOL-I have done that too! Great post!

Siri said...

Hm, damer er kjent for å klare å gjøre flere ting på en gang, men det gjelder ikke når man syr! - Det vet selv av erfaring!

Bjørg said...

Deilig søndag!

Sheila said...

Hmmmm, yummmm, your dough and bread looks delicious!
Who is the designer of Winter is Best at Home . . .I love it :)

Anonymous said...

The winter does not want to arrive in Italy, here is still very hot!! I see that I'm not the only one to forget something in the kitchen while I head to sew!
but your result is much better than all my!!!!!!!!

Solveig Bloch said...

Den deigen har jeg bare lyst til å "nappe" litt i!..deilig..

Little Penpen said...

hilarious bread picture! It sure looks yummy in the end! Your winter stitchery is sooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Your stitchery is beautiful and I love the quotation on it. I find it so interesting that so many of your projects with words are in English rather than Norwegian. Your written English is excellent and I'm sure you speak English fluently. I'm very impressed. Your rolls look delicious! What is brown cheese?

Anne Lise said...

Ja, en blir fort "revet med" når en først kommer seg inn på syrommet. men ser jo ut som bakeresultatet ble bra likevel. Spennende å se hvordan dette bildet blir. Et flott stitchery i hvert fall.

carina said...

Ha ha verry nice your bread looks delicious. I love your stich so nice.

Frog Quilter said...

Care to share the bread recipe?

Love your stitching...

Jeanne said...

That bowl of overflowing dough made me laugh! The results made me hungry. Next time, set a timer near your sewing machine. :-)

Leanne said...

your bread looks yummy and your stitching is beautiful.

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