Sunday, January 29, 2012

Action in the sewingroom


Remember these pinmoore I bought thursday? Today I wanted to try them out so I basted my tablerunner with them and was going to start quilting it. But then another guy took fancy in them.


Mom….have you bought me a new toy??


Do you neet some help with the quilting today??




I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaant to play with them!!!


If I can’t play with them, neither shall you mom.


It is so funny playing with these.


And even if you hide them here on the ironing table, I can smell where they are LOL


So I think I have to give up quilting today. Or perhaps I have to look the door to my sewingroom while doing it. But not any fun having Rusken outside scratching on the door to get in. Because he is so stubborn and he really wants these pinmoors.

Another saying for today:

"In a cat's eye,
all things belong to cats."
- English Proverb


Chriss said...

I love your cat, not as much as I love mine, but he is so cute.

Anne Marieke said...

This looks so familiar and also the feeling that you have when you lock them out when you want to do something that they really enjoy playing with.

Rusken is a very handsome boy!

Montserrat said...

"in a cat´s eyes, all things belong to cat"·. I agree totally. And muy cat thinks the same thing. Happy week. Montse

Becky said...

It is so funny how a cat can become so fixated on an object isn't it? I hope you are able to get some work done on your table runner eventually - perhaps when the "new" wears off for the kitty.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness that was so funny!!! I can just see my furrball doing the exact same thing - thanks for the fun!


Mari, Tenerife (España) said...

Ruskin is very funny.See you soon...

Pokey said...

Too funny! Glad you had the camera nearby. The thought for the day was written for this day and your kitty!

Kate said...

What a delightful companion you have!!

Dolores said...

I would say wait until Rusken is asleep and then work on your quilt.

Fee said...

He is a wonderful (not) quilting helper just like my Jack xxxx Hugs - Fee X

Bolg-frua said...

herlig fotoserie :))))

Karmen said...

Oh dear; I have a friend like that in my sewing room too. Sometimes I have to lock Joey in the bathroom so I can get something done. Good luck! Karmen

corina said...

It must be wonderful to have such a good helper! My terrier likes to help speed up my sewing by sitting on my foot that controls the foot pedal! Love your blog.

LeKaQuilt said...

Takk for en deilig herlig latter, Rusken!

Nancy in Norway said...

Flink gutt, Rusken :-)

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