Sunday, May 12, 2013

New quiltshop and a little trip to the cabin

Friday evening I had loaded the car with my sewingmachine and a lot of projects.  My goal was to drive up to the other ladies at the cabin in Evensberget.  But first I wanted to visit the new quiltshop at Flisa.  Only half an hour to drive from where I live, so this will be my new local quiltshop. 
Kreative Ingema started her quiltshop some years ago in her garage.  Now whe has moved up to the center of Flisa and sharing the shop together with another lady.
So happy I now have a local quiltshop again.

I hope these two ladies will have a lot of visitors in the time coming.  Know I will visit them often.
After the visit in the quiltshop, and of course I had to buy some beautiful fabric, I drove up to the cabin.  A weekend relaxing and sewing with good friends.
My working station.
I had brought a lot of projects and got a lot done.
Both by sewingmachine and handsewing
All the ladies was very procuctive
I prepped three more blocks for my It Takes Two quilt(the three at the bottom). I found this WISP in a box the other day and thought it was time to do some more sewing on it.
Sewed two more placemats for my DIL. I gave her four of these for her birthday, and she liked the so much so that she wanted two more.  (just have to sew down the binding now)
I also appliqued more blocks for my Red Home Quilt.  Still have some applique to do on these.  Back home from the cabin trip I am now relaxing with these blocks. 
Saying for today:


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love your "this goes with that" quilt - gives me an idea for a finish on my quilt I am making right now

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

It has been a very productive weekend :) The new quiltshop looks very nice :)

Michelle said...

This is an amazing work load for a weekend! Well done, I love all the projects!!!

Susan said...

So many beautiful and inspiring projects. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. And how wonderful to have a new local quilt shop.

Farm Gate Creations said...

Sounds like the perfect way to spend a weekend.

Karen said...

There is just nothing like spending time with friends and sewing the day away and a great setting for it. Love the projects and really love your This and That quilt - what a cool design.
Hugs - karen

2ne said...

Ser ut til å være en perfekt helg :-)
Mange flotte prosjekter her.

Unknown said...

These patchwork quilt could be good for any house because these are so good. Can't wait to have them and your post is so good.

Unknown said...


i will visit blog again

quiltygal said...

What a lovely weekend you had plenty of Vitamin Q ...Love your "It takes two" blocks

sewkalico said...

So many wonderful projects that you have been working on!

DAWNIE said...

Oh love it all, you are so productive. Also love your red home blocks

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