Sunday, July 06, 2014

The Tour de Fibre sew along

Friday evening Hanne came for a weekend visit and we just relaxed and sewed while planning the Tour de Fibre 2014. We both have picked some focus projects.  And both have the theme blocks this year.


Saturday was the start of Tour de France and what’s better than having the opening for the Tour de Fibre at a quilt shop.  We drove down to Flisa where Kreative Ingema has her quilt shop.  She used to share it with another shop owner that sold yarn, but now she has the entire shop for herselv.


And it is a wonderful quiltshop with lots of temptations.  This shop is just about 30 minutes driving from where I live, and I am so happy to have her so close.


She also had a little corner in the shop where we enjoyed a cup of coffee while chatting about quilty stuff.


Know I will be back in this shop and I recommend all quilters passing through Flisa  or nearby to visit Kreative Ingema.


Back home sewing on the porch.  My focus this weekend was my star blocks.


And for the first time this summer it was so warm that we could sit outdoors until past midnight.


And I was happy to have my neck light so that I could sew all evening.


Hanne and I have had a wonderful weekend sewing together.  And we are already planning a new sewing together this summer.  We had the opening of TdF together and we will also end the Tdf together with champagne and prizes for well done TdF.


So far I have made 17 blocks for my Sunburst quilt.  This is a pattern from Carolyn Konig book One Stitch at a Time. Love this book. And I love making these blocks.

My TdF continues by sewing blocks. I have several projects that is in progress making blocks both in EPP, needleturn, sewing with machine and sewing by hand.  Guess you will see more of these blocks during the tour.

Are you joining us in the Tour de Fibre this year??

Saying for today:



Melody said...

Sounds like a wonderful time.

dq said...

Lovely Sun Burst blocks and lovely blog. I have enjoyed browsing it. Thank you for posting.

TLC said...

Looks like some terrific vitamin Q. Love your sunburst blocks!

Ondrea said...

Your blocks are lovely. You and Hanne look quite relaxed and happy. Great quilt shop.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I am getting myself a new neck light they come in mighty handy - love your star blocks, I will be making some but a different style - glad you are able to have fun sewing with your friend.

Rosemary Youngs said...

Looks like a great shop and you two look like had a wonderful time

Debra @ Life is a Stitch said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! And what a beautiful quilt shop.
I should probably join in on your TdF... I have so many projects in the works! Thanks for sharing all the pictures of your fun.

margaret said...

how good to have such a lovely shop near enough to visit. The tour de France went so well here in Leeds, I did not go in and see the start but they said there were 250000 people in Leeds watching and better still the rain came earlier than expected and was over before the start

Quilting Stories said...

How lucky to have such wonderful shops around! Your Sun Burst quilt is going to be beautiful!

Susan said...

What a gorgeous shop to have nearby. I'm glad you're enjoying the summer, I just can't imagine it still being so light in the night. Enjoy your Tdf.

Elaine said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I have been stitching my TATW quilt by hand as I watched the tour pass through Yorkshire.

Grethe said...

Så mange flotte bilder her da! Ja, det ser ut som om dere to virkelig koser dere. Happy TdF :-)

julieQ said...

Your star blocks are so very pretty!!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Sounds and looks your blocks...

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