Monday, August 18, 2014

Snowmen in august


Hope snow and winter stays away for a long long time.  I am not ready for that kind of weather.  Hoping we get a long and beautiful autumn first.  But in my sewing room I am preparing for winter and Christmas.  Basting this snow man quilt out on the porch.  The pillow box is very useful for many things.


Decided to do some machin quilting in the ditch.


But for the outher border I want to hand quilt this cable border.  This one has always been one of my favorite quilting stencils.  Perhaps doing some quilting in the small white border too.  Have to see if I have a small stencil to quilt there.  I have plenty of quilt stencils to choose from.


Ready to do some relaxing hand quilting now.

Saying for today:



Christine B said...

Love your snowman quilt... it is really pretty! :) x

paulette said...

I love this quilt...and hand quilting it is going to be wonderful!!

Melody said...

Just love this quilt of yours -gorgeous.

Melody said...

Just love this quilt of yours -gorgeous.

margaret said...

snowmen look very christmassy, think I must look onto a stencil like you have there, will be just the job for borders.

bidules de dani said...

J'aime beaucoup, il est superbe. Bravo

antique quilter said...

one of my favorite stencils too!
I just love this quilt, I am a huge snowman fan :)

Karen said...

I made this quilt too!

Wendy said...

The hand quilting is just the right touch.

TLC said...

Love snowman of all kinds! Your quilt thread holder is really cool. Hope you're still enjoying summer weather.

mascanlon said...

They are so cute! And I am envying your adorable thread canister too!

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