Saturday, October 11, 2014



The housebuilding bug has hit my sewingroom as well as I know the bug has hit several other sewingrooms too. Thanks to a sleepless night, facebook friends, a blog and lots of scraps the housebuilding bug hit really hard on me. I am going to make houses for a whole year. 365 houses.


I have two plastic bags with scraps. I have decided to make houses only from these two bags.  Of course there will be added scraps to these bags, because I have other projects I am working on.  Only small pieces of fabric is used for these, so I guess the scrap bags will give me a lot of houses.


House #1 sewed late yesterday night when the bug hit me (read; hit us all)

Long time since I did foundation paperpiecing,  so I hope my tecnique will improve as I sew.


This morning house #2 before breakfast.
I am adding the sashing as I build my houses.

Saying for today:



NADINE said...

So you've got hit with that house bug, too, May Britt :))
I've 'been hit, as well, since quite some time, but still haven't started... Such tiny pieces.... Yet I I'm reading that you're using the foundation piecing method, and maybe that would be a solution to me... I'm heading back to Belgium (and my sewing machine) by end of this month, and might have a try on this, then.....

Enjoy your buildings !

Elaine said...

Love your houses! This will be a fun quilt I'm sure :)

Ozjane said...

Looks great fun bot I hope I shall be immune from this bug until I conclude a lot more projects. I actually finished a bag this week but no photos as yet. Still the garden photos rule, but it is inspiring to see you productivity.

Debra @ Life is a Stitch said...

So... You are one of the quilters/builders that I have to thank (or blame) for this infection!!??
#365houses looks to be fun; however!, I'm making myself finish a baby quilt gift that I need to take with me tomorrow to a family gathering, THEN I can start with my scraps, too. Thank you for sending the bug over to central Ohio, USA!
I love your first two houses! Will you make them all the same roof line or change a little?

paulette said...

I LOVE those wee houses! What is the name of the pattern that you are using?
I have tried to make wee houses using templates and wasn't happy with the results...maybe paper piecing is the answer?!!! You have given me hope!

CecileD said...

You've done lovely houses !!
That's fun !!!

Susan said...

Fantastic idea for using up your scraps. It's going to be a busy year for you!

margaret said...

this is going to be a fantastic home when complete sounds like a good challenge to take part in if only I could do paper piecing. I think it must go on my 2015 list of things to learn!

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