Thursday, November 06, 2014

Cabin trip, houses and surprise in the mail

The last weeks have gone so fast and so much have happened.  I have been to busy to blog, so here is a summary of the last weeks.

Cabin trip with friends


I am so enjoying these cabin trips.  Just relaxing, sewing, chatting, laughing, eating good food and just having a wonderful time together.  It is a small cabin, but as you all know quilters tend to bring MORE projects and stuff that is actually needed for a couple of days.  This photo shows what only two of us brought in to the cabin LOL


Since we was going to celebrate my birthday (which was in september) I brought the cake.  This time I made my favorite which is carrot cake.  And look at the cute bundle of fabrics I got from my friends. LOVE IT.  Thank you for this wonderful birthday present.


My working space this weekend.
As you see I am wokring on my tiny 3 inch houses.


Just have to show you this lovely photo. At the cabin we have electrisity (thank you for that because we can bring our sewing machines), but no water.  We bring drinking water, but what do we do when we need to wash a fabric.  Out to the well.  And as you see we had a lot of snow. We laughed a lot while rinsing the fabric in the cold water from the well.

My tiny 3 inch houses


I am having so fun sewing these tiny 3 inch houses.  I started to sew some other 3 inch houses some weeks ago.  But when Hanne designed this house I loved this house even more and so far I have made 20 tiny #tinyshipshewanahouse and I am only using fabrics #frommyscrapbag.  There is several ladies all over the world sewing these houses now, and several of us are meeting up again in Shipshewana next november.  It will be so fun to see all the neighbourhoods when we meet.


And look what I found at work some days ago.  A cookie box with HOUSES.  When the boys had eaten all the cookies the box came home with me.  I will fill it up, not with cookies, but with houses.

Surprise in the mailbox

I have said it earlier that quilt friends are the best and they are so generous.

P1080900When I asked on net for suggestions where to buy wool, my friend Debra offered to send me some wool from her stash.  And I never in my mind thought she would send me this BIG package of wool.  When I opened the box I was overwhelmed and happily surprised.  You have to read her post about culling the heard.


Now I have sorted the wool in a box and I love looking at it. And I am so looking forward to start making something with this.


She also gifted Hanne and me with this lovely thread and a pattern (which I will not show as it has to be a surprise for Hanne).  So Hanne, you know what we will be doing in a few weeks when you are visiting me. 

Thank you so much Debra for sending me this wonderful package.  You really made my day!!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

looks adventurous to rent a cabin with no water! almost like camping! lovely fabrics - carrot cake is a favorite of mine

Debra @ Life is a Stitch said...

I did't realize that your cabin trip didn't include running water! And at one point I was thinking that would be a fun trip to be included in on!! :) Late Happy Birthday wishes to you - I would share a piece of that carrot cake -it's one of my favorites, too. Love the fabrics!
Can't wait to see what you do with your wools!
And, finally - I CAN NOT believe you have that many little Shipshewana houses done!!! They look great!
Hope your days at the cabin are wonderful!

margaret said...

I can imagine great fun was had at the cabin, so lovely things you have there and the tiny houses are tiny! the one thing I would struggle with is lack of water I love my long soaks in the bath

Ondrea said...

Oh my! Washing fabric outside in the snow! The water would have been soooooo icey cold. I don't think I would attempt it. Love your little houses, so many completed already. What a generous gift of yarns and threads etc. Looking forward to seeing what you make with it all.

CecileD said...

Your houses are so cute !! Love the colours !
But no water and the now.....brrrr !
I think it was so funny ?!!
How generous is your friend !! :)

TLC said...

Happy belated birthday. I'm loving all of the houses.

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