Sunday, June 07, 2015

Progress on Phebe and Antique Sampler


For some time now my Phebe quilt has been in a box, but I have decided to give my focus on this one again.  I have come too far to just keep it in a box.  I have finished the last eight sawtooth borders.  They were so boring to sew, although they was easy to make because I did foundation paper sewing.


This weekend I started to sew border #10.  Followed Hannes advice sewing it this way. And it went so fast. 


Sewed all four sides today. Now I pray that they will fit the rest of the quilt.  But the measurements says that they will.  Cross my fingers.


I took Hannes advice to handquilt a cople of threads each day. This quilt has been on my shelf for a long long time.  Two weeks ago I started to handquilt a few threads each day, and today I finished quilting all the blocks in this quilt.  Never again I will use this kind of cotton batting, and never never again will I spray glue baste when I am going to hand quilt.  It is too hard for my arms.


Now I will start handquilting the scallop border. I see the end of this quilt.  And I have already planned next quilt I am going to handquilt.  But that one will have silk batting which I LOVE to handquilt with.

Focus projects the comming week:

Add the borders to my Phebequilt.
Handquilt a few threads on my Antique Sampler Quilt each day
Do a few threads on my stitchery each day

Saying for today:



Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

Phebe is on my some day list - the list is long and keep getting longer :( I don't have enough time in my life

Radka said...

It is such a pretty quilt :-)
I have never tried silk batting; interesting...

Trines hobby said...

Nydelig teppe i nydelige farger:)
Flott oversikt over norske Quiltelag på bloggen din, kanskje du har lyst å legge inn vårt også?

Every Stitch said...

Your Sampler is looking lovely with the hand quilting! And the foundation piecing is going to add a beautiful border. Interesting what you say about spray basting - I have never tried it but wondered if it might be a problem for hand quilters

Sandra said...

I'm really wanting to learn to hand quilt. Love the softness. What type of batting should I avoid? Heartbreaking to work so long on a quilt and have regrets. I would appreciate your input!. Thanks

Megan said...

Inspiring to see your discipline and commitment, May Britt. Congratulations!

margaret said...

now you have Phoebe out of its box I hope to see it finished, no pressure!! Quilt looks lovely, thanks re cotton batting, I have not tried it yet but as I hand quilt a lot I know not to buy any,

Susan said...

Such a pretty sampler, and your quilting is looking great. Good luck adding the border, always a tense moment making sure it fits.

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