Sunday, October 25, 2015

Report from the cabin and the sewingroom


Time flies so fast and with no internet at home I have not blogged for several weeks.


Last thursday I and three other friends went for a long weekend at my friends cabin.  Sewing from early morning to early morning.  Just a little bit sleep in between.  I have for a long time wanted to sew something from Lori Holts book “Farm girl vintage”, and now that halloween is next weekend I desided to sew some pumpkins.


We had beautiful weahter all weekend.  And we did not sit indoors by the sewing machines all day long.  We also went for a long walk one of the days. 


After our walk we had new energy to continue our sewing.


And I discovered why my sewing machine had such strange noice LOL.  Time to do some cleaning.


So fun to make these pumpkins.  I love them.


Got all pumpkins basted and quilted too.  Decided to make potholders.


Since I bought Jen Kingwells book “Quilt Lovely” I have wanted to sew one of her pillows.  So fun to make these small blocks.


All these projects was started last weekend.  I finished two of the “What’s in your bag”.  Three pairs of potholders got their binding on.  And I sewed this Jen Kingwell pillow.


We did not sit in front of the sewing machines all the time.  I always bring some handsewing with me to do when we relaxes in the sofa.


Got the binding sewed down on my potholders this week.  Now ready for Halloween.


And my handquilting project is finished.  Doing a couple of threads each day really makes a progress, and suddenly the quilt is finished.  This is my “Aunt Sarahs quilt”.  Pattern from an old Quiltmania magazine.  I am so happy with this quilt. A lot of handquilting, but it was worth it. I got the look I wanted. 


And of course I have started another daily threads of handquilting project. 


Today I have been prepping hexagons.  Need some easy sewing to bring with me in a few weeks.

Saying for today:



Janet said... glad to read your blog today... I wondered where you were... Those pumpkins are really cute....Janet a reader and fan from Canada

Kate said...

I enjoyed your post. You've been missed. :)

Gale, Ky quilter said...

I love everything you made! The hand quilted quilt is beautiful! That had to be so much fun sewing and being with friends at the cabin. I need a quilting vacation. :-)

Jenny of Elefantz said...

A feast of beautiful sewing!!

moosecraft said...

Ha! Ha! Love the saying for the day! :-) As always, beautiful stitching projects! I admire that you can pack it all up and get away to a peaceful place to just sit and concentrate on stitching! Beautiful scenery too!

Elin said...

Eg blir berre stum av beundring for tempo du har i produksjonen din! Eg tenkjer på deg kvar gong eg ser i boka mi (du veit, den eg ikkje skulle ha...). Eg er glad for at eg kjøpte den, og må prøve å få sydd litt frå den snart. Elles så er vel reisefeberen like rundt hjørnet?
Ha ei fin veke!

CecileD said...

Hey MayBritt ! Welcome back !!
You've been very busy these last weeks and your work is so beautiful ! As usual ....
You realized lovely pumpkins ! Do you celebrate Halloween in your country ?

darlynn said...

what a great place for a little quilting retreat. the hand quilting project, divine! good luck with the hexies!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Cute potholders and Aunt Sarah's is absolutely gorgeous ! Such beautiful work.

Hanne said...

Her var det mye fint å se :-)

Anonymous said...

All your works are so beautiful! The hand quilted quilt is absolutely adorable and the pumpkins are so nice too! I love your pictures from the nature, they remind me the autumns in Northern Finland!

Nancy said...

Such a pretty place to get away. Sounds like you had a lovely time.

MelodyA said...

What pattern did you use for the pumpkins? they are so cute and would use lots of scraps. love your work. Happy quilting!

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