Sunday, October 16, 2016

Quilterally 2016 - Shop hop 2016

Yesterday, early in the morning, 16 ladies was on their way to Oslo to join this years Quilterally or shop hop as it also is called.  We had a similar trip last year, and I had planned this trip a long time and invited friends to join me.  And we were doing the same route this year.

First stop was at Merethes quilteloft. She has loads of beautiful backings. She does beautiful machinequilting. I forgot to take photos (to busy shopping backings for my quilt tops) while the ladies was in the shop.

Suddenly the shop was so quiet and when I looked around I was there alone.  The other ladies had finished their shopping and was on their way to the buss eager to travel to the next quilt shop.

Next stop was at Trådsnella in Lørenskog. A small and lovely shop that has both quilt fabrics and yarn. 

My friend Hanne was showing tecniques doing handpicing and Liv (the lady trying to hide under the table) was telling us how to use triangle paper. 

Third stop on this Quilterally/Shop hop was at Kathrines Quiltestue.  It is SO dangerous to go into this shop.  Too many temptations that just jumps down in your shopping basket.

Anna Malin showing us how to sew a pop-up basket.

And Helle is showing us how to use some new rulers.

Some of the ladies in line waiting to check out and then go to dinner.

Dinner at Kolonihagen. A lovely place that were very busy this saturday.  So it seams like it is a very popular place to go to eat. 

I had fish and it was delicious.

Last stop on this quilterally /shop hop was at Lappemakeriet.

A small quiltshop with lots of inspiration and fabric. 

Trine showed us how to make a perfect feathered star block.

After almost ten hours on the road, four quilt shops and a restaurant, we were heading back home (another two hours driving).  Lots of paper and plastic bags filled with treasures everywhere in the bus. Happy faces , laughter and I think everyones heads were spinning around full of ideas of what to make next.

I know for sure that my head was.......are...... spinning around full of ideas.  Do I start this new pattern? Do I open the lovely bundle with fabrics .....I have a plan or two for that one. Do I sew the outher border on to my Stonefield quilt, I did buy the fabric for it.  Do I start sewing the new bag (bags) I bougth fabric for.  Or do I start the quilt with circles that I saw, or do I start..............  You understand my dilemma LOL LOL  Today I just relax and enjoy my treasures.  

I had a great day with these wonderful ladies and our busdriver brought safe back home. This was really a vitamin Q day.

Saying for today:


helen said...

Oh, great tour! Would like to make this, too! :)
I looooove the "Pearl"-quilt which is pictured on the wall of the shop Kathrines Quiltestue!!
Thank you for sharing the pictures!
Best wishes!

Raewyn said...

Looks like it was a great day! Nice to have new fabric and patterns to play with :-)

Melody said...

What a wonderful way to spend a day. Looks like a fabulous day.

Katie said...

Your quilt shops always look absolutely delightful. Glad you had such a nice day! :-)

Kleine Vingers said...

It must be wonderful to shop hop. The shops look lovely and you bought great fabric. Greetings

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