Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Focus project

I'm back at work and I miss my quiet mornings with hand stitching.  Now I just have to enjoy my evening stitches.

I have decided to have focus on a few projects the rest of august and in september (and maybe the rest of the year if I do not get side tracked LOL). I like to switch between different tecniques. 

EEP focus:  I recently joined the Round We Go Bom (design Sue Daley) and this will be my "on-the-go" project.  I have prepped some more blocks and this is perfect to bring with me on visits, waitingrooms and more.  So far I have received three months and this is the blocks I have made so far.  

Needleturn applique focus:  I have noe done any needleturn applique for a time now and I missed it so much.  Needleturn applique is my favorite tecnique.  So I started to sew Gossip In The Garden (design Hatched and Patched) and I looooooooove doing needleturn applique againg. Part one is done and I am sewing on part 2.

Stitchery focus:  My friend Elisabeth had traced the stitchery for me and gave it to me as a summer gift.  I have wanted to make this bag for a long time.  So while I'm waiting for a new Kathy Schmitz stitcery that I have ordered,  I will stitch on this.  Lots of work to do on this bag with also hexagons panel and two wool applique (with buttonhole stitches that I hate) to make. 

Hand piecing focus:  I have joined Jen Kingwells TOM (Template Of the Month) and I will try to keep up as the templates/patterns come.  Still have 4 more small blocks to sew on month five and I will be on track before month six comes.

A FINISH:  Happy dancing because I have finished another UFO.  This is Bosquets Gardenhurst from Irene Blancks book Focus on applique.  Loved working on this quilt (needleturn applique of course) and dared to machinequilt it myself.  

Machine sewing focus:  I have hade this quilt in mind for a long time.  And this weekend I tested some blocks. 3x3 inches shoo fly blocks.  So fun to sew.  179 bloks to make.  My plan was to use the blue just one time.  But I am not sure if I have as much as 179 different blue fabrics as blue has not been my favorite colour up to now.

This is a little of this and a little of that in different tecniques. And I know I will get inspired to start other projects, and I know I have some more UFOs to finish.  But fall and winter is coming and with that perfect sewing days (rain, snow, wind, cold).

Saying for today:


NADINE said...

WOW WOW LOTS of focus and LOTS of FUN ! Your projects are beautiful and I'm sure you'll meet your goals, one day at a time :D

As to me, I'm focusing on the "Panama Pyramids" of Linda Koenig (a Xmas gift for my youngest daughter ... who is now pregnant with her first child... so baby quilts in view, too :D
And my long term projects are the Glitters (Jen Kingwell) + "The Stonefields" of Susan Smith.

PS : Stitchery : are you talking about the sweet Elisabeth I met once in Norway ? If so, please give her my heartful thoughts. I've been wanting to get in contact with her for such a long time but I've lost her email address...

THANKS for the inspiration,

In stitches,

Elaine said...

so many beautiful projects you will not get bored :)

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I do believe i will start Round We Go also - just sent for my templates and patterns but will use my own fabric - so many scraps to use up

Synthia said...

What a lovely variety of projects!! I'm especially smitten with your little blue and cream blocks and the appliquéd quilt you just finished. Thanks for sharing. You inspire me!!

Kleine Vingers said...

Love all the different projects. It will be fun.

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