Friday, March 09, 2018

A challenge in colours

In 2017 i joined the Delilah TOM club hosted by Kathrines Quiltestue.  Delilah TOM was a Template Of the Month designed Jen Kingwell.  As always (LOL) i got tempted and wanted to challenge myself colourwise.  And it became a challenge both in colours and layout.  I am not used working with bright colours like this and I have tried to calm it down using light fabrics in my background.  Thing I sort of manage that.

Sewing on TOM number 11 and waiting for TOM number 12 I just decided I do not want to sew any more blocks.  Enough is enough.  Down on the floor, putting my sewn blocks together with good help from Rusken. 

 Only 5 blocks leftover that I might put as a bottom row........or at the back of the quilt.

And this is how it looks like sewn together.  Think I will find a light fabric to frame the whole quilt. How to quilt it?  I have no idea yet.

When done with Delilah I was in desperate need to work with soft colours.

So I found my box that stored my Gossip In the Garden quilt, taped the blocks on to doors in the sewingroom.  It was so good to work with these colours again.  This will be my focus project for while now.  Along with some needleturn, some stitchery, some EPP...............  anyone else having it like this :)

Saying for today:


Elaine said...

I have signed up for the new Golden Days TOM, not sure what to expect 😀 I will use my own fabrics but like you I might try and soften the look, I want to try things out of my comfort zone this year (normally report, antique)

Synthia said...

I like both of your projects very much. Good job!!!! :-)

Little Penpen said...

The brighter colors are so pretty! The bottom project is def. more 'you' and looks so soft and pretty, too.

Melody A. said...

it turned out to be a Beautiful Quilt! love it! your work in progress quilt blocks are charming! Happy Sewing and take care from Iowa

Chookyblue...... said...

It looks great....... Hand quilt?

Janet said...

These all look great....this weekend here on Canada we Change our clocks ....we "spring ahead" and lose an you do this too ????😊😊😊😊

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