Saturday, April 26, 2008


I have not been able to blog for a while now. Going back 100% to work do not give that much time left for sewing, blogging and other things. I am so tired when I come home. And then there is houswork, paperworks for our quiltmagazine and trying to get some sleep. Have to start new routines.

But on thursday was the april meeting for our local quiltgroup. A lot of women this time, but not so much at show and tell.

But I got a few photos:

This "quilt" is made of old wool sweaters. She felted them by washing the sweaters on hot water, cut out peaces and put them together.
And out of the leftovers she made some bags.
This is a banner one of my friends is making for her granddaughters kindergarten. It has to be ready for may 17th when it's Norways national day.

And me of course with my new bag. I love this bag, and I guess I'll make one winter bag too, in dark colours.
A present where the lady is going to applique photos of the boy who receives the quilt.
Quilts from a workshop we went to some months ago. The difference in these two quilts are the quilting. One is machinequilted and the other is hand quilted. You can feel the difference when you touch them. Handquilting gives the quilt a soft look, and machinquilting the opposite.

A log cabin quilt.
A table runner

And here is Laila (to the left) helping a lady showing what she made out og BOM Out of the darkness. She did not want to make the whole quilt and decided to make pillows and tablerunners of the BOM's. A clever idea to do when you get bored of the BOM's.
And finally Laila and Lisbeth with their new bags made specially for NQF's annual quiltmeeting. We all need new bags going to big quiltmeetings, don't we LOL. Laila has a better photo of her bag here if you want to have a close look.

I've forgotten to show you one present I received at the annual quiltmeeting.

I've seen Wenche making a lot of these pincushions/threadbins on her blog. And when she pulled me aside at the quiltmeeting some weeks ago and said she had something for me I was surprised. And it was this beautiful one for me. I love it. Use it everyday as it is hanging on the table besides my sewing chair in the livingroom. Thank you Wenche :)
I made this toiletpurse some weeks ago, but have forgotten to show you. It's a pattern from Northern quilts. And I love the size of it. Plenty of room in it to bring all my brushes, creams, perfume aso.
Started to stitch on block two on Leannes Butterfly garden. OMG....there is a lot of stitching on this block.

And I've found the macro on my camera. So now I can do good close up photos :) Perhaps I ought to have read the manual on the camera several years ago LOL

Now I'm off to give a workshop in sewing hexagons on the sewingmachine. Only three ladies, but I guess we'll have a great day at the shop.

Saying for today:

A friend is someone you can trade
secrets with and never worry


Stina Blomgren said...

Sooo many beautiful quilts, bags and other things...For working 100 % you seem to get a lot of things done anyway...;D Your bag and toiltepurse is wonderful... and what a lovely threadbin!!!
Me too...wanna come to that class of yours...;D

Elin said...

So many nice photos! Thank you for sharing! And thank you for the surprise yesterday!!!

Anita said...

Toalettveska er bare nydelig og vesken din også :-)) Elverumsdamene har det med å lage mye fint, likte veldig godt idéen med å lage et teppe ut av gamle gensere. Synd at jeg nettopp heiv mange gamle genesere :-O

Nancy in Norway said...

What a great idea to make blanket out of old sweathers!

Chookyblue...... said...

well May Britt we will excuse you for not blogging so will take you a little while to get back into your work routine....thsi time seems to be disappearing at the moment......thanks for sharing all the great sewing projects of others and yourself and the lovely present you received.......

Wendy said...

Looks like you had fun with your quilt group. Your toilery bag is really cute!

Libby said...

Great show and tell *s* I am becoming well acquainted with the 'macro' button . . . I just love it.

Anonymous said...

You've got some very talented ladies in your group. My favorite would be the threadbin too.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Such fantastic stuff again!
Sorry you are getting tired from being back at work, it will improve when you get back into the groove.
Your bags look great and the pincushion you received is stunning, Tracey

Carin said...

Love the wool sweater quilt and the log cabin quilt is darling!! Glad you found your macro setting love the close up.

Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing all the pictures. I just love the toiletries bag - I might just have to make one for myself. Hmmm...would make wonderful Christmas gifts too. Thanks for the idea. Hope your hexagon workshop went good.

Anonymous said...

GREAT pictures, dear ! As usual.
You are so right : your bag looks terrific, big enough and certainly very handy :>)
LOVE those quilt and bag made from old sweaters ! So unusual, that's what I call nice recycling ! It must be very warm, too ! Did she embroider between the blocks, or is it crochetting ? And what did she use as backing ?

I understand it takes some time to come back to your usual routine, dear. Look back, and see how much you've accomplished with the big meeting, back to work, and your own quilting... :>)
Don't forget to rest a little :>)

BIG (((HUGS))) & smiles to you, my friend !


Steinbokkjen ;o) said...

Heisann! Så Utrule masse fint da va her då! Kos deg ;o)

Nanette Merrill said...

Show and tell is always so much fun.

Elaine Adair said...

Wow, girl - lots of goodies in this post! Presents, quilts, thread/pincushion, table runners, show and tell ... I read it all. You might be busy but this is a great post!

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

Stjerneteppene der er så utrolig fine! Hva heter mønsteret/blokka? Jeg er så glad i stjerner.... :-) lappeklem

Unknown said...

So many beautiful quilts. It is hard to work 100%, quilt, blog and take care of the family, you always have to be choosing what to skip doing that day.

Julie in the Barn said...

I have missed your posts. You always have so much to share! I'm amazed you find any time to blog now that you are working full time. Thank you for taking the time to share. I am starting in on a purse today because of your inspiring photos.

Susan said...

Such a talented group.

Sorry to hear that you are running on empty at night. It is the curse of having to work....... I am looking forward to the day of retirement.

Wendy said...

A girl can never have too many bags, your new ones are very nice for going to quilt meetings. Thanks for all the lovely photos.

rachelmp said...

What beautiful things you and your group have made May Britt. Ohh, you have inspired me to do some stithing today! x Rachel

Sweet P said...

The show and tell items are all beautiful. I'm on that same block for Butterfly Garden. I feel like I'll never get it done.

charlene said...

I loved the pincushion-waste bag your friend made, so i went to her directions....BUT they are not in English and I cannot read the directions. Any chance i could get a translated version? It was too lovely not to make for myself!
Your hand quilting is beautiful--you almost "paint" with the thread. I don't think i am patient enough to complete a large quilt by hand. Enjoy your blog!!

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