Monday, April 14, 2008

More thimbles and civil war repro fabric heaven

In my previous post I showed you the thimbles I bought at the antique and collectors market. And I started to chat with my friend Nancy about it. I know she has a lot of thimbles too and now she shows them at her blog. She also has a challenge with a giveaway. So if you are curious what she shows go to her blog and have a peek.

This is my collection of thimbles. I got totally 67. And I guess I'll continue collecting :)
The thimble to the left is the one I bought saturday, but shows the other side where I guess the mark of the silversmith is. The one in the middle was my grandmothers and the one to the right is my aunts and it has her name engraved.
Kit from commented on my blog with no reply. I have tried to email you on another adress I found, but do not know it you got it. So if you read this could you please contact me again.
Just before I went to our annual quiltmeeting I got my Civil War Diary book in the mail.
I have looked through it and there is so much interesting to read. A beautiful book.
But I'm now in civil war repro fabric heaven.
I had agreed with Karren about swapping Crazy Quilt stuff against civil war repro fabrics. And look what she sendt me. I love them all.
But that's not all................
Another sweet lady, Patricia Dignan, emailed me and asked if I wanted some of her leftovers from a DJ project. She is 72 years old and not a blogger, but she had visited my blog and noticed I asked about information of civil war repro fabrics.
And this is what was inside the firs package she sendt me.
And today another package was in my mailbox. And she tells me there is more!!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea that she would send this much fabric. I am so grateful. She is such a generous lady. Another proof that quilters are so kind and generous.
So now I just want more time to sew. I wish I could expand each day with more hours. I need more time to sew. Going back to 100 % work now gives me less time to sew. I am so happy being back at work, and my shoulder behaves very well, but I also want to sew!!!!!!!!!!

I'll get more quality sewingtime this weekend when I'm going to our annual spring cabin trip with the other girls. So now I have to prepare some (read; a lot) projects to bring with me.
Saying for today:
Never let a sewing machine
know you're in a hurry


Nancy in Norway said...

Oh boy, what a great collection of repro fabrics you have got for your Civil War blogs. Lucky you to have so many blogging friends.

Anonymous said...

what a lucky person you are, these repros are too cool

Vicki W said...

I just bought that book recently as well. I haven't had a chance to read it yet but it looks like a great book. Your new collection of CW fabrics will be perfect!

Anita said...

Wow - skal si du har fått mange lekre stoffer :-))) Nå gleder jeg meg til å se resultatet som jeg vet kommer etterhvert :-D

Anonymous said...

Beautiful ! You're going to make gorgeous quilts out of these, I'm sure :>)


jacquie said...

Love seeing more of your thimbles! You are a lucky blogger...such a generous gift!

Libby said...

What wonderful things you've gotten. Quilt friends are just the best *s*

Jeanne said...

Such a nice thimble collection! And what wonderful mail deliveries you received. I'm sure you'll put them to good use.

PAULE said...

What a great choice of fabric you have got ! Thanks for sharing.
At the moment, I'm sorting out fabrics from my stash for a DJ. Your photos help me realise that I have more repro fabrics than I thought.

Paule - Reunion

Elin said...

Congratulations! You have been very lucky, indeed. I look forward to see your CWD blocks. They are so fun to sew!

Stina Blomgren said...

Your thimbles are so beautiful...and to have thoose from your relatives...they are kind of special...
Quilters are the best in the world!!!
So giving and kind...beautiful fabrics...a really good start for your civil war quilt...good luck!

HerzBlatt said...

Your blog is a great inspiration for me!! And from now on I will look for thimbles where ever I am to complete your collection.
Where are all those nice shops, are they around where you live?? Then I immigrate !!

meggie said...

Your thimbles are so cute.
Lucky girl with all the gift fabrics! very generous.

I love your saying- SO TRUE!!

Denise (Nour) said...

Hi Aby! You have been tagged for seven random facts from ME!

Karen said...

What nice ladies to send you those fabrics!
I have a small thimble collection also. I am not adding to it any least not for a while. I like the metal advertising thimbles the best.

Carole said...

Aren't quilters the best? Karren is such a sweetheart! Looks like a nice new project! I love thimbles myself. Whenever I go to flea markert etc.. I always look for some. I don't have that many but I'm working on it slowly. Keep well!

Scraps4dreams said...

HI!! I collect thimbles, do you want interchange with me? I live in Spain and I can to send you , do you like the Idea?


Sorry for my english ....

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