Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The last Stitchers Angel package

Yesterday I wrapped the last packages for my Stitchers Angel Friend and I will post it today. The package is going to a lady who has a blog I do not understand a word of LOL and the land looks like a boot on the map.

She has to open them like this:
#1 is something useful
#2 is a clue; I love to do this and hope you to will love doing this
#3 is the second clue to where I live
#4 is another clue; this was finished before it was released as a pattern on Stitchers Angels
#5 is a card from me telling her who I am.

Hope she will like what I am sending her.

I wonder who my Stitcher Angel is :)

Saying for today:


Julz said...

Hi May; ooh you tease the wrapped packages and clues are too much for such curious souls like myself. Am sure your Angel Stitchers recipient will love your goodies. Have to say you have the best graphics that you insert into your blogs - I've saved a few of my favourite graphics and of course will refer your name if I use them in my blog - hope that is okay :) Hugs to you Jx

quilterpolly said...

how fun for your secret angel:) I can't wait to see what they received!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your little country pictures on your blog. Where did you find them?

Karen in IN

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

oooooh....some one is in for some lovely surprises... said...

Just found your blog, I love it!! You have beautiful stitcheries and quilts! Great Job,

bernie said...

You do lovely work, May Brit! I'm a fan..........can you tell me if there is a pattern of the toilet bag you recently made? Although I cannot come to the workshop, perhaps I can get the pattern?

Your Stitchers Angel is a lucky recipient! :)


pip said...

May Britt du er en meget flittig dame, længe siden jeg har haft tid til at blogge,og jeg må sige her var meget at kikke på, flotte sager du har gang i, spændende pakker du har lavet til Angel swappen. Ha en god og kreativ uge.

Sandra said...

I'm Sandra: your stichers' angel friend!!!!! I received your package and I'm very happy for your gifts ... THANK'S - GRAZIE!!!!!!!

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