Friday, May 01, 2009

Care quilts galore

Isn't this a beatiful wiew. 30 care quilts on display on the grass. All these quilts are made by members in Ringerike quiltgroup since january this year. And now Hanne, Bente and I are sitting in Bentes sewingroom on top of the garage sewing on more care quilts. We are having a great time.

And now for a closer look at the quilts laying on the grass. Enjoy!
I hope this can give inspiration to other quiltgroups to make more care quilts.

Saying for today:
Enjoy the day


Dolores said...

It is amazing what one can do with fabric and thread. How wonderful and for a great cause.

Cattinka said...

I love your care quilts, what a lovely idea and what beautiful quilts.
You are so generous.

Lavendelhaus said...

Jeder Quilt für sich ein Kunstwerk. Der blau weiße gefällt mir am besten.

Dawn said...

Lovely show and tell!! Great cause!!

Two said...

Så utruleg flotte tepper!

simplestitches said...

Wow, what a great display of quilts and for such a good cause. Well done.
cheers Julz

Nancy in Norway said...

So many beautifull quilts. Thank you for sharing.

Silvana Torchio said...

che coperte meravigliose! una gioia per gli occhi!

Andrea said...

Some of these are very simple but absolutely beautiful. The one made of purples squares jumps out at me. Well done to everyone who made these - I'm sure they will be well loved x

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