Thursday, May 07, 2009

What's going on in my sewingroom

Last weekend when I visit the quiltshop Lappemakeriet I did do some buyings. I have been looking for this quilting template for a long time and there it was. And Bente who we visited last weekend had made a beautiful quilt whit this "nine-blade fan template set", so I had to buy one too to give it a try.This is the beautiful quilt Bente had made and I know I have a bundle of rose-fabrics in my stash which I have been wondering what to make of. Now I know. Just have to fine the perfect background to go with them.

Today when I came home from work a package was in the mailbox. So long since I got some goodies in the mailbox so I rushed inside to open it. Thank you Nadine for these lovely pink fabrics. They are wonderful, love them.

In my sewingroom I have pulled out "all" my red and white fabrics. I have seen so many beautiful red and white quilts around in blogland, not to mention Hannes Nearly Insane quilt and Bentes red and white quilt which I was so lucky to wrap around me last weekend. I hope to be able to decide what to make of my red and white, but right now I am thinking of making a lot of hole in the barn blocks.

And I have cut all backgrounds for the stitchery for this quilt. Also another beutiful quilt Bente had on the wall in her home. So this evening I will trace all the stitchery and make "on the go"-stitchery packages. Easy to grab whenever I want to stitch this summer.
Even if I have a lot of other projects going on like the easter rabbits, the Joy of Life BOM, Bunny Hills BOM Autumn Houses and A tisket a tasket twelve months of basket, Gail Pans A christmas wish I just have to start on new projects. Have you ever had this feeling too????? You just can't get a idea out of your head. You know you really ought to continue on the projects that is laying in your sewingbasket, but you just keep thinking on the new ideas you have.
So...............I just have to start tracing the stitcheries and cutting the red and white fabrics
And I feel so happy, so full of energy.
I know I will have fun.

Saying for today:
If you keep your end tables full of quilting,
you won’t have to dust them


Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Hi May Bitt,
Lovely pinks! And your piles of reds and whites look so fresh. I'm asking around, so I'll ask you too; do you prewash all fabrics?

Nancy in Norway said...

I sure know the feeling!

Cattinka said...

I know exactly what you mean. you have lots of BOM´s going but you just can´t resist one more. It happened to me with "shabby roses". You can find a link over on my blog.

Laila said...

Hi. Yes I know the feeling- as you know. I'm thinking of starting a BOM Collector Club... LOL
I know you will be a great member of that.

jofridsquilt said...

Eg kjenner også denne følelsen. Masse fint du har på gang. Skal bli moro å sjå kva det blir til. Helsing Jofrid

Anne Heidi said...

I am just so happy we are all pretty much alike lol. I never seem to find a project I can resist... Love your red and whites :)

Stina Blomgren said... sure are having some fun.. and a lot of nice projects too... loved Bentes pink quilt...its gorgeous...
Have a fantastic sewingweekend!!

Annette said...

But you are busy and enjoying life and being productive and will end up with some beautiful projects eventually. That's what counts.

siv hege said...

Making "on the go" packages is pure genious! Why have I never thought of that?? Creative people like us needs to have many projects going at ones.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you love them, dear ! It was my pleasure sending them to you, and you were sooo generous sending me the beautiful green Batiks I needed ! ;>)

LOVE your new projects ! (especially the redwork ! What do the words mean ? I guess it is Norwegian ???)

And how I understand you with always feeling the urge of starting something NEW !
We're all in the same boat, HeeHee


Inger said...

Kjempeflotte prosjekter ha har på gang. Jeg blei litt interessert i den malen/linjalen din. Er det for å lage blokker, eller for å quilte mønster etter? Ha en riktig fin helg. :-)

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey May Britt! I'm a naughty girl like you and LOVE starting new projects! I get so enthusiastic and just HAVE to see how an idea will look made up - then I'm not very good at finishing, which is how we came to be having our OPAM Challenge! Tee! Hee! Hee! A red and white quilt is on my "To Do" list one day too. I want to do an Irish chain in the red and white - have seen one in a magazine somewhere and fell in love with the simplicity of it. Can't wait to see what your R&W comes up like - have fun! Bear Hugs! KRIS

Karen, aka Yaya said...

Love your saying of the day today--because of all house chores I dislike (dare I say "hate?") to dust the most!!! Thanks!

Tita Carré said...

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Jantine said...

I feel the same with red and white as you do and I am collecting these fabrics... But the Double delight took a lot of my reds, so I have to keep collecting for a while. Keep us posted about your project!

Annelies said...

There are so many moments in a week when I want to start a new project. If only I had enough time !

Mona said...

Det er så fint å se at det ikke bare er jeg som har så mange ting på gang. Teppet kommer til å bli nydelig. Skulle ønske at døgnet hadde noen ekstra timer til syprosjekter. Det er så mange ting som jeg har lyst til å sy. Har en hilsen til deg på bloggen min.
Ha en kreativ helg.

Ozjane said...

forgive me if you have already mentioned this one, but wondered if you had seen it.

Unknown said...

Thanks I love your saying for today .

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