Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No finishes???

Just realized it is soon July
and I actually do not have a finish for June month.
And that's perhaps because June have been a very hectic month.

My goals is to have at least one finish each month.
And I intend to keep that goal this month too :)

So this evening I went into my sewingroom and opened my project drawer. What to pick. Something fast to finish. And there I found this cute tea towel kit I got as a christmaspresent from Hanne last christmas. She had traced the stitchery and added the thread. So now I am sitting out on the porch stitching. Summer have finally come to Norway. A beautiful warm afternoon. Hope it will last for a long time now.

Saying for today:

If you work really hard and you’re kind,
amazing things will happen


LeKaQuilt said...

Lykke til med målet ditt, en dag igjen!

Hanne said...

You can do it :-)

Pen Pen said...

oh yes, you've got this one! you will be finished by tomorrow. Is the stitching area a separate piece of fabric or is that some type of stabilizer? Just curious.

Laila said...

Keep up the great work... :-)

Ulla said...

Enjoy every day and don't blame you,you are good enough.
What happens if something isn't ready today?

Tomorrow is a new day and you get new chances.
Enjoy the summer days we have.

Sandra Coleman Clarke said...

You amaze me at the amount of quilting you get done, so keep at it, you make me look very lazy!!!

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