Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Antique sampler–the beginning

This evening I got a msn from my friend Bjørg asking:
“have you started on our project yet?”
My answer: “No, because you told me not to start it yet. Are you tempted to start it now?”
Bjørg: “I am very tempted to start it soon”
Me: “Perhaps we just do it”
Bjørg: “I make some coffee if you come”


And then I packed my fabrics and pattern in a bag and drove over to visit Bjørg. We have sewed big projects together earlier and it is so great to have someone to discuss fabric choises and have a progress (homework) togther. Our new project is Antique Sampler (design Sue Daley). And believe it or not, I am sewing mine in BLUE and brown, with some adding of red/pink and green.


Bjørg is seriously thinking of which fabrics using in her first block. We have also done a little challenge for eachother. I have picked fabrics for two of her blocks and she have picked fabrics for some of my blocks.


And then we started to trace our first pieces. This quilt is done with a lot of English Paper Piecing and needleturn applique.


I am looking forward to start sewing on this quilt. It is a lot of work, but I love needleturn and after discovering the glue pen and the needles and thread Sue Daley is using, I have started to love EPP too. I am making a smaller quilt than the original. Just 3 x 2 big blocks (the original is 3 x 3 big blocks).

Homework to our next meeting in the beginning of september: Sewing all the EPP for the six big blocks. Hope I manage to do it. There is a lot of other on going projects too LOL

Saying for today:

As soon as you sit down
to a cup of hot coffee,
your boss will ask you to do something
which will last until the coffee is cold.

~Author Unknown

The same thing happends when you start a new project, the coffee gets cold...... LOL


Ineke van den Akker said...

Wonderful fabric!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful fabrics! Ann ~ Australia

Anita said...

Har søkt på mønsteret på nettet. Virkelig en flott quilt :) Lykke til! Det blir spennende å se hvordan det blir etter hvert.

Kate said...

Its a beautiful quilt, I am doing mine in Indigo prints.

Roos said...

I'm looking forward to your progres,the fabrics looks great.
Greetings, Roos

Satu said...

Your plans sounds wonderful and I'm really looking forward to see your progress. I popped up over Sue's and saw the original... it'll be a beautiful quilt with your colours too.

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