Wednesday, June 27, 2012

McCalls april 2003

Today I have organized a BIG pile of quilt magazines.  Instead of throwing them away I am giving a lot of them to a friend.  She have recently had surgery on her shoulder and I know she will enjoy looking through these magazines.

And while looking through these old magazines I found an old McCalls Quilting magazine from april 2003.


In that magazine there is a photo of me, my mother and some other ladies from my quiltgroup. I’m in the front row to the right and my mother in the back row to the right.  We had great fun swapping nine patches.  This is good memories which makes me smile.

Saying for today:

We do not remember days;
we remember moments.

PS:  Do not forget to make a blogpost about Bags…….and more bags.  Visit this post and tell me you have posted and you’re in the draw for a prize.  You have until saturday morning (my time).


Hanne said...

What a lovely thing to find - a photo of yourself, your mother and your quilting friends :-)

Good going on weeding out old magazines!

Los Retales De Mi Abuela said...


FIONA said...

Wow May - that's fantastic! I took part in a 9 patch swap years ago and still haven't put them together ... now I have some lovely ideas!! I'm a bit of a bag lady too .... I'm off to take photos so will post them soon to your earlier blog post! Have a great day!! x said...

Flotte tepper dere viser frem:-)
Nå har eg laget veskeframvisning på min blog,quiltegleder-quiltegleder,Margrethe,og linket til deg.Ha en superfin helg!
Beste hilsen Quiltegleder Margrethe Jåstad

Karen said...

It always feels good to sort through and toss things. But now you know why you kept that particular magazine. What a treasured memory to come across

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