Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sewing weekend


Yesterday Hanne came for a weekend visit. If you wonder why we are lined up at the porch like this, it is because……


we had to take photos of this spectaculare evening sky.


Hanne did not sew any stitches this evening.  She and Rusken is so good friends now.


Hanne brought birthdaypresents for both me and Rusken.  I was allowed to open mine altough my birthay is not until the end of this month.  Rusken has his birthday today, sept 15th, and he is now a two year old boy.  Look how satisfied he was with his birthdaypresent from Hanne.


And so is I (BIG SMILE)  I am so happy with this bobbinholder filled with delicious superior thread.  This is my favorite thread while doing needleturn.  I also got two spools with Yli Select thread.  Hanne tells me it is perfect for handpiecing. 


So I guess I will have to try this thread today on this pattern.  Hanne have been so kind to buy this for me from her local quiltshop.  And we have agreed to find fabric and test it today (doing it the sew on the line way)


But as Christmas is arriving fast I have planned to finish the snowflakes blocks this weekend too.


Saying for today:



Hanne said...

I am eagerly looking forward to us doing applecore today :-)

Kaaren said...

Happy birthday in advance! What lovely gifts from Hanne.

Enjoy your sewing weekend together.

Sue-Anne said...

Happy birthday to Rusken and wishing you a fantastic weekend of sewing.

Susan said...

Happy birthday to Rusken, he does look very pleased with himself. It's a glorious sunset to share with a friend, especially one who comes bearing such lovely gifts! Happy birthday.

Satu said...

Happy Birthday to you both! I think Rusken looks very satisfied and proud too of what he got. He is adorable! And I'm looking forward to see the results of your sewing weekend;0)

quiltygal said...

Lovely presents Have a great weekend both of you... Want to see pics of the Applecore when its done :)
I have had a Friday & Saturday stitching all day with friends so tomorrow I think I need to rest the sholder :( maybe just some machining :)

barb's creations said...

Happy birthday to Rusken,he looks very happy with his pressie.I hope you have a lovely weekend of sewing,chatting and relaxing :) Barb.

Shontelle said...

Happy birthday to you and Ruskin. That is a spectacular sky!

Ondrea said...

It looks like you both had a wonderful weekend. Some lovely goodies there for you.

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