Thursday, September 06, 2012

Something new


Today some girls from work came together and now I have done something I never have done before.  I have made my first card.


It was very fun and I have a lot to learn. There will be some more cards, but my main focus will still be on my quilting. 

Saying for today



Caryl @ cinnamon holiday workshop said...

This is another thing that is soooo fun to do....your card looks good!

Cheryl (aka Kayly) said...

Oh! No! Have we lost May Britt to the dark side (papercraft)????
Step away from those paper scissors and glue stick now or they'll have another convert.
Glad you had fun with your workmates and your card is lovely.

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

Kjempefine kort! Pass på så du ikke blir hekta, da blir det ikke så mye søm:-) Ønsker deg en flott helg, med papir eller stoff:-)

Melody said...

Well done. Such a lovely card.

De said...

lovely card.........and its always nice to give a handmade card.

Houseelf said...

Well done May Britt. I am hosting a Craft Olympics to encourage people to try new or barely tried crafts.

Today I have come out with my potential 5.

suz said...

What a sweet card! You are so creative!

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