Sunday, October 07, 2012

Just sewing today


Today focusing on Scandinavian Christmas quilt (SC).  Discovering that I had stitched 7 snowflake  blocks on too small background I really have to learn to read the instructions first I prepped 7 new blocks, the rigth size this time, and I also prepped the 23 heart blocks. So whenever I like to sit down and do some needleturn I have them ready. I do not think I will manage to have this quilt finished for this Christmas.  Christmas is approaching too fast and I have several other projects I want need to have focus on. So instead of feeling bad for not finishing SC this year I will enjoy finishing other projects, and having fun working on SC also in the next year coming.


Hanne has challenged me, and I took the challenge, to finish at least two UFO’s or as I like to call them WISP’s, each month.  And today I found one really old WISP that just needed some more handquilting.  Long time since I did som handquilting so it was fun doing it now.  A couple of hours handquilting ……


and sewing on and down the binding, this little Christmas quilt was finished.  The words on the quilt says:  Light a candle, sit down, enjoy the Christmas joy and peace.


Still working on my baskets.  24 finished so far. 104 more to make.  So far I have manage my goal to sew 10 each week.  As Sue told me…….these baskets are addictive.

Saying for today:



Susan said...

Christmas will definitely come again next year, so better to enjoy your SC than rush it. Your baskets look beautiful.

Nana's Quilts said...

Oh - I love you little Christmas stitchery. I have a couple of things to be finished but not sure that they will make the Christmas deadline. Oh well, there's always next year. You are a busy girl with all your baskets. Onward.

Laura said...

I love your projects, your Christmas Stitchery is lovely , love the saying on it, your baskets are coming along beautiful.
The saying for the day is wonderful.
Love your blog
Quilting Hugs

Ondrea said...

So many beautiful baskets! Love that Christmas project all hand quilted. I think you have a good attitude about the SC quilt. Enjoy the journey without any pressure. Thanks for showing us all your lovely things.

Ulla said...

7 snowflake blocks is almost as bad as my entire snowman block I finished on a too small piece of fabric! Your little Christmas tree is sweet, and the tiny baskets look so very cute.

Grethe said...

Lykke til videre med SC; ser flott ut! Koselig,fredelig julebilde:-)
Og du er dyktig som er kommet så langt på Sue`s kurver.

Houseelf said...

What a lovely saying on your hand quilted wallhanging. Well done for keeping up with your basket making.

So sorry to hear of your mishap with the snow flakes. Good luck in finishing it when you have time. For such a small quilt there is an awful lot of work in it.

Annik-Snor said...

Alltid artig å se hva du holder å med.
Så fint veggbildet ble. Har også lii igjen på en blå Sc, er egentlig litt lei den.

quiltygal said...

I think you are very wise to make the Scandinavian Christmas next years Quilt you can then enjoy the process not rush & as you say we always have plenty of Wisps to complete the baskets will be gorgeous when finished Happy Stitching xxx

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