Friday, April 19, 2013

Airport sewing


Back home after being travelling up north in Norway for some work meetings.  And I am so happy I brought with me my sewing.  Lots of hours waiting at the airport, but the time goes fast when I am sewing.  English Paper Piecing is so great to do while waiting and chatting with the others I was travelling with.  I had prepped several small plasticbags with This Goes With That hexagons  and it is so easy to just grab one and start to sew.   And I am so happy my small scissor passes the security every time. 

So if you are going to travel somewhere, dress som paperpieces and do some EEP.


At the hotelroom in Harstad I sewed togehter the applecores for the tablerunner we startet in Sue’s class last saturday.  Now she is up in Trondheim giving four classes, and I wish I could join them there.  Have fun girls!!!

Saying for today:



Grethe said...

Lurt å bruke ventetiden på flyplasser nyttig :-)
Din "Remember when" løper blir vakker! Du har valgt flotte farger.

Elaine said...

Great idea, I am off to visit family next month, I really need to start an EPP project to take with me :D

Susan said...

Lovely piecing. It's great portable sewing.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

great way to spend time in the airports and on planes - lovely work too!

Maxine said...

The "saying for today" is beautiful. I just came home from visiting a relative in the hospital. Every gift of existence we have is truly a blessing. Thanks for reminding me.

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