Monday, August 05, 2013

Another finish and new focus projects


Last week I told myself to focus on three UFO’s.  The first two I had finished by friday, but this one took a little bit longer time because I had to handquilt the outer border.  Today I sewed down the last sides of this quilt and it is FINISHED.  Another UFO bites the dust….happy dancing.


I have picked three new UFOs for this weeks focus projects. But if I manage to finish them I have no idea because my summer vacation is over and I am back at work.   And because…….


I had to treat myself with a new project.  Earlier this summer I ordered the Camelot pattern (design Trish Harper).  And it has been laying so tempting in my shelf until now.  Think I deserve to start a new project now after having so many finishes.  At least I will choose some fabrics and trace one block.

Yooooohoooooooo a new project…..HAPPY DANCING AGAIN !!

Saying for today:



Anonymous said...

Very cute quilt and great finish !

Michelle said...

New project looks very challenging and I love your finished project! The 2 heart projects look very cute! You should be pleased with finishing UFO's!!

Susan said...

Camelot is sitting on my shelf tempting me too! I love the circle designs. It will be a while before I start mine so I'm looking forward to watching yours.

Gra said...

What a beautiful pattern! Congrats on your finished one.

Ondrea said...

I particularly love that first project you have put up. That stitchery is so sweet and I love the patchwork design. THose Christmas stitchries and appliques are also lovely. I agree, you have finished quite a few projects and deserve to start a new one. Hey, a new one is always well deserved anyhow. Isn't it? I hope so because I am always starting new projects.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Another beautiful finish!

margaret said...

the colours are lovely in your first finished project so oldy worldy looking if you know what I mean, a lovely piece.
New project looks very intriguing.
Shame you have to go back to work, I am lucky being too old to work so all my time is my own and also live on my own so can do what I want to a lesser degree!

Anne Heidi said...

Å så flott teppet ditt ble! Kos deg med nytt prosjekt- det har du fortjent :-)

Melody said...


moosecraft said...

Beautiful stitches! Every single one of them! :-)

Jen said...

May your first project quilt is lovely especially the birds and birdhouse embroidery with the pretty fabric and design. The hearts are pretty also.

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