Sunday, September 22, 2013

A lot of vitamin Q


This weekend I have been to the cabin with good friends.  The sewingmachine was on the table from early morning to late night (actually it never came off the table).  Wonderful autumn sun so we did go for a long walk and we picked some berries to make dessert.


As always I had brought too many projects.  I had one main focus this weekend and it was gifts for two newborn boys.


I almost finished both of them.  Just have the binding to sew down on one of these quilts.  Boys need cars on their quilts.  I found the motives on internet, just small photos, so I had to draw them bigger for application.  I am really happy the way they turned out.


The last times we have been on the cabin we have all worked on our log cabin quilts.  All four of us bought the same kit, but after adding fabric from our own stash, they looks so different.  Will take photos later when they are all finished.


Have to measure the bed to see how many blocks I need.  So far I have 51 done and 9 prepped to be sewn.  Think I will prepp more blocks this way, then it is so easy just to grab one and sew.


My hadsewing this weekend was the hexagon flowers, and I have sewn all the coloured flowers.  Still have a lot of white flowers to sew before I can start sewing it together.  So fun working on it.

Right before leaving home I grabbed this tin box filled with hearts for the Scandinavian Christmas Quilt.  I will give this quilt some focus now.  Just three months until Christmas and my goal is to have the top finished soon.  The main part of the quilt is sewn together, so I just have the outher border with the appliqued hearts and the stitched snowflakes to make.

This has been a wonderful weekend filled with vitamin Q. 

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paulette said...

Your baby boy quilts are WONDERFUL!! Love them...and really enjoyed seeing all of your WIP!! What a fun weekend!

Grethe said...

Lykke til med SC; gled deg til du blir ferdig ... du rekker det :-)
Flotte barnetepper, spennende med biler da! Og ja, jeg kjenner fjell-luften når jeg trekker inn pusten; vitamin Q:))

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

wonderful quilts and it looked like you had a fun time!

Hanne said...

Du har fått gjort masse :-) Gratulerer med fremgangen!

Leanne said...

LOVE the boy quilts, toooo cute.

TLC said...

The baby quilts are so cute! LOVE all the vitamin Q. Can I borrow Snoopy? I need the perfect friend right now.

Anita : Shabby Quilt said...

lovely quilts . It looks like a lovely cabin.

margaret said...

what a wonderful way to spend a weekend with stitching friends, boys quilts are lovely and the fabric colours for your log cabin quilt is top of my list of favourite colours

Ondrea said...

The boy quilts are really lovely. Great idea. Love the blues. You always seem to have so many projects on the go, more than me and that says something! Always lovely to look at your blog. Glad you are feeling better now.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilts May Britt :)

Águida said...

May Britt, I am always enchanted by their work. It's all so beautiful, neat and perfect. I'll tell you a secret, when I'm sad, I see from your blog and Hanne for my eyes look beautiful things and sadness go away. Thank you for showing me so many beautiful works

Anita said...

Love all your sewing work! Those baby quilts are so cute!

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