Monday, September 30, 2013

My weekend in the sewingroom


What on earth am I doing with these shirts?  In two weeks the ladies at MaurTua is coming to our quiltgroup to teach us how to recycle old shirts into our quilting.  They’re on facebook too.


So this weekend I’ve done my homework to cut a shirt (I had five) into squares. I am amazed how many pieces one shirt gives.  The class is in two weeks and I am really looking forward to it.


Done some progress with my Aunt Sarahs quilt.  Still have a lot of background hexagons to dress, but I’ve started to sew the rows together.


And I have done all the appliqued heart blocks and the stitched snowflakes for the outher border on Scandinavian Christmas.  Just two small churn dash blocks to sew and I can start sewing the border onto the centerpiece.

Saying for today:



Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

the extra large shirts can give a lot of fabric but I never feel like searching through old clothes I guess I never find any that I like or feel nice. I'm glad you were able to find some.

Nana's Quilts said...

I love to cut up old shirts. I go to the second hand clothes store and buy the biggest ones I can find - maybe 3X. I will be excited to see what you do with your squares.

margaret said...

re the shirts, it is times like these wean it pays to have a husband! just read another way to get them on your comments charity shops.Wait to see what you make with them

LuAnn said...

I have been working on Aunt Sarah off and on. When I see you working on yours, it makes me think that I should get back to it soon. The shirt class sounds interesting and fun!

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