Sunday, December 08, 2013

Cookies and sewing weekend


This was going to be the big baking for Christmas weekend, and while waiting for Hanne to arrive I looked through my Christmas pattern.  I found this kit I bought several years ago, and think I will start on this one now.  Perhaps I have a new cushion for Christmas.  Anyway it is fun sewing on something Chrismassy in the Advent time.



After a cup of coffe we started to bake our Christmas cookies.  This is the third year we are baking together and it has become a great tradition.


Hanne making caramelized almonds.  Remember my mother making this when I was a little girl.  Bring back good memories and they tastes soooo good.


And then some sewing, relaxing and a glass of red wine.  Working on my Aunt Sarahs quilt.  I’ve finished all the applique on the center piece and are almost half done with the hexagons.


Sunday morning and second sunday in Advent.  Opening our advent calendar gifts.


Then Hanne gave me a challenge.  Some years ago I ordered a BOM from Lappemakeriet. Last time I visited Hanne I commented that her finished BOM was so beautiful.  And now she wanted me to pull out this WISP (Work In Slow Project) to see how much there was left to do on it.


19 of 20 blocks finished.  Why did I put it away.  Going to give this some focus now, because Hanne challenged me to have the top finished in a month.  So I have until the middle of January to finish at least the top on this quilt.


I gave my leftover fabrics to a friend and she gave me her leftovers.  Because she had chosen this BOM in some other colours.  I have made 8 of the 20 blocks.  Will continue sewing on these too.


I got this cute litte birdie pincushion in Shipshewana.  Love it so much and now it is my companion when I am sewing.


Started to piece together the last block on the BOM.  It looks like Rusken is not too happy about me sewing all the time.

Saying for today:



Hanne said...

Thanks for a lovely weekend :-)
It is fu to do Christmas baking and sewing with you, as always!
I appreciate that you will do some challenge sewing with me to. It will be fun :-) said...

You have forgotten to Show us what was in your Christmas calenders :o)
You have done so good Job on your wonderful Sarah´s Quilt.
And I´m glad to see that you have a good friend in each other

mascanlon said...

Lovely quilt, I am sometimes surprised to when i open a box to see I was almost done. Did I get tired of project or just find something more exciting to do once I had things well in hand. Love the baking, I will not get to that for a week or so, today its about getting things ready for company over Christmas and New Years, move that fabric!

Phyllis in Minnesota said...

Yum yum - krumkakka. My sister and I made this together for years and my nephew would sneak behind us take 5 krumkakka, put one on each finger and walk around the house eating them and of course making a horrible mess as they crumbled.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I need to start Christmas baking soon, caramelized almonds sound great!

Nana's Quilts said...

Wonderfully fun! And how marvelous to have good friends who can challenge us to move through our WISP's and get 'em done. Good job [and it will be really lovely when it's all done]

Ondrea said...

Good to see that Ruskin is supervising your sewing again. LOve those blocks. I look forward to seeing the cushion when it is finished. You and Hanne have a wonderful friendship.

margaret said...

you and Hanne have had a very productive day, very mouthwatering and also some lovely stitching, I am sure the quilt will be finished soon

Stina... said...

Hej... Har nu läst alla inlägg från din USA resa och har njutit av alla underbara bilder...vilken fantastisk resa ni har gjort...ett minne för livet... Det var skoj att se bilder från ett annat usa än det jag upplevde i människorna är säkert lika generösa och glada varsin man ä var min stora behållning från min resa och jag tror du säger detsamma... :0) kram till dig och ha en fantastisk jul...:0)

suz said...

looks like you had another fun weekend baking with Hanne. Love the photos of your cat - there must be something about sewing and cats. My cat ignores me most of the time, but as soon as I sit down, she's on the back of the chair watching intently!

LuAnn said...

You girls are always having so much fun. Looks like you had a fun weekend.

Eva patch said...

I love this block !!! good for you !!

Carole said...

What a beautiful tradition you and Hanne have started! It all looks so yummy! Glad Hanne is challenging you! ;) Gorgeous quilt!

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