Sunday, March 16, 2014

Angel story quilt progress


Today I pulled out An Angel Story quilt. The book was published in 2004, and I think I started to sew it at that time.  Then it has been “forgotten” for ten years.  It is time to get it finished now because in May I have joined a class with Annie Downs.  It had been fun to have this quilt finished by that time and bring it to show her.  Just had to add the outher border.


Then I took it with me to the cantina at work to baste it.  So lucky that I can use the big tables there. Makes it more easy to baste.


When I basted it I recognized a lot of OLD fabrics.  Guess that I would have chosen different fabrics if I was going to sew it now.  But I really love the look of this one too. 


Back home I started to machine quilt it.  Hope to do it little by little, in between some hand stitching.  Because machine quilting is a little bit rough on my neck.


Rusken is helping me with this quilt. He is trying to steal the Pinmoors I have used to baste this quilt. 

Saying for today:



Susan said...

I love the look of this quilt made with stronger colours, so different to the original.

evaj said...

Vilken underbar quilt du håller på med!!!Bambikram

Christine M said...

I agree with Susan. The stronger colours look great.

Michelle said...

I agree with Susan also, I love the stronger colours.

Catarina C said...

Din kvilt kommer att bli jättefin. Vilken tur du har, som har tillgång till stora bord. Kram

Anita : Shabby Quilt said...

Your quilt looks great. love it done in different colours.
nearly there.

Raewyn said...

Your quilt is beautiful - good on you for pulling it out again! I love the saying at the end :-)

Megan said...

Well done for going back to it and working to get it finished. It's a wonderful looking quilt.

Sydney, Australia

margaret said...

a real beauty, love your colour choice, think I will have to look out for the book, not sure the quilt will be made but maybe a couple of blocks I would like to have a go at, must try my hand at applique, mind you paper piecing lessons are top of the list but they could slip down and applique might take over

margaret said...

just been on a search and appears the book is very hard to come by, only found one copy and it was $65 so will keep my eyes open and hope I can find it elsewhere

Ondrea said...

Rusken always amuses me. Cats just have to be into everything. I guess you were spurred on to finish this quilt now that Hanne has completed hers and I am sure Anni will love both of them. I sure do. Hope you don't overdo the machine quilting and hurt your neck. Take care.

dq said...

I like seeing how you basted it. I like that you taped it to the table. Great idea!

SuperMomNoCape said...

What a sweet quilt! And you will feel so great to have it finished after so many years.

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

Wow! It looks great!!! Love it!

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