Tuesday, June 24, 2014

One block a day

Finally, after having a green winter as we call it here when it is freeing cold even though it is summer, today the weather got a little bit warmer.  So I was able to sit outside and do a little bit of sewing in the sun.


Have for some time now slowly been sewing on these small hexagons.


Long time since I sewed on my This Goes With That blocks.  In fact they have been in the box since last november when I brought it with me as “on-the-go-sewing”.  So now it was time to take a look at them again.


I am going to do like Hanne, challenge myself to sew at least one block each day, if I manage to sew more it is a bonus. It can be these hexagon blocks, my star blocks or any kind of blocks. Tour de Fibre (following Tour de France) is starting soon, and this will be one of the TdF projects.  Easy sewing to do while my arm is still healing.


Three blocks done today.  Wonder how many blocks I really have so far??  Have to check it out. And I have several prepped in small plastic bags ready to be sewn.

Saying for today:



Elin said...

Så nydelege stoff du har på bildet øverst! Skikkeleg imponerande. Lurer på kva det skal bli?

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love all your hexies that you are doing. I am trying to come up with a border for mine - I will be done with my hexie quilt soon in the upcoming months - but now for a border - I will be searching pinterest and other places for ideas.

Marta said...

Guau!!! Fantástico!!!

margaret said...

good to see you are doing hexies, I find them so relaxing and have now ordered a long hexie template which I am sure I will enjoy using

Ondrea said...

Great idea. That first one looks like my Insanity quilt. Love all your pieced things.

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