Monday, June 16, 2014

Workshop with Helle


Saturday I and a good friend had joined a workshop at Kathrines Quiltestue to learn how to use the Rapid Fire Hunter Star ruler.  I had brought my own fabric to use, but of course those never came out of my bag, because I found this collection in the shop.  I just fell in love with the one to the right, and that one will be the outher border of this little table cloth.


Helle is a great teacher and she guided us through the use of the ruler.


and then we was allowed to cut into our fabrics


and start to sew


More guidence with tips and trics to get the seams to fit perfect into eachother.


I have made a few blocks so far.  Had big plans sewing more yesterday, but I just enjoyed relaxing out on the porch in the wonderful summer weather we are having right now.


This is Helles sample that inspired me. I am making mine as big as this and use it as a table cloth on my kitchen table.

And I just have to add some photos from Kathrines quiltshop.  All those temptations and ideas!!!



Saying for today:



Christine B said...

Looks like a fun workshop! Love the fabrics you have chosen and look forward to seeing the finished table cloth! :)

Ondrea said...

Your fabrics are really lovely and will look great . That quilt is stunning. I can see why you were inspired.

moosecraft said...

Oh my! So much lovely fabric and inspiration! Your piecing looks perfect! Great choice with that floral fabric for the border. :-)

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

the fabrics look so pretty I especially love the flowery fabric on the right side of the photo. I think I have this pattern somewhere and must look for it

quiltygal said...

Love the pattern & looks as if you had a great time I love the pic of all the Blue fabric :) Would love to visit this shop one day... maybe ... I can Dream

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