Monday, September 15, 2014

Norwegian Quilt Festival–part five

And then…….SHOPPING.  Think there was about 25 shops and 600 ladies waiting for the shops to open.  Loads of inspiration and loads temptations.  And when we entered the shops Hanne told me:  “Now you got that look in your eyes”.  Wonder what she meant LOL

The shops even had open for “midnight shopping”.  So after dinner, show and tell with the teachers, and some wine, just imagine how it could be. Just enjoy the photos and feel the mood.




xxx (1)xxx (2)

And it was so fun to see my quilt (the one in the middle) hanging in one of the shops.  A little bit proud (BIG SMILE)

More to come…..


Judith said...

Thanks for showing, i am wearing 'that look' now myself! I am traveling new england with my sister! Loving it!

Christine B said...

What beautiful shops and quilts! Looks such fun! :)

Debra @ Life is a Stitch said...

WOW!! Your quilt is beautiful!! and to be used in the vendor booth!! What excitement, and you should be proud and smiling!
In the 5th picture down, do you know the pattern for that center quilt with the center stars surrounded by large hexies??
Thanks for showing all the great pictures! I'm scrolling through them over and over!
It looks like the Norwegian Quilt Fest was a huge success!! And such great teachers, too.
Colleen will be jealous of the picture with Jo - she says that Jo is her BFF: BestFriendForvever!! :)

mascanlon said...

Hurrah!! What a wonderful quilt to be showing May Britt! Whats the pattern? Or is it your own design?

margaret said...

you must have had a wonderful time browsing around these shops

Susan said...

It looks like wonderful shopping. How exciting to have your own quilt on display.

Cheryl (aka Kayly) said...

So much temptation!
You can feel very proud of your beautiful quilt hanging in someone's display.

Chriss said...

What a wonderful time you must have had. I love so many of the quilts I see in your photos. And imagine midnight shopping! What a clever move that is.

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