Monday, September 15, 2014

Norwegian Quilt Festival–part three

Now we have come to friday, the second day of the Quilt Festival. More and more ladies were arriving.  A lot of them was going to classes and the rest was waiting for the shops and exhibition to open.


I had signed up for a class with Sue Daley.  She is a very good teacher and I love being in her class.  Have already been to several classes with her and I enjoy it every time. 


Starting to sew “My Mysterium” in my colours.


Sue has made EPP fun and easy with her tecniques.


This is “My Mysterium” that we started to sew.


And here she is showing “Marmelade”, another quilt she was teaching this weekend.


Christine B said...

What a beautiful quilt! Have fun stitching it!! :)

margaret said...

How lucky are you on another course with Sue Daley, lovely quilts

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