Monday, March 28, 2016

And time just fly!

Easter came and went so fast.  Tomorrow is back at work again.  But I have had a wonderful easter.

First I got the key to my brothers cabin and spendt some days there with my daughter and her boyfriend.  Of course I had brought with me some sewing and manage to sew a few blocks for my Stonefields quilt.  Will show you later when I have counted all the blocks I have made.  Still not sure if I will make the whole quilt, or make it as big as I have blocks for now.

My focus project this Easter has been my Natures Journey quilt (design Hatched and Patched).  And I have finished the top !!!!! Think I need to buy some batting to get it quilted.  Or do I have enough???Have to take a look in my boxes. is almost finished......just need to stitch some legs on my birds.

OMG....studying the photo of the finished top I discovered that two of the blocks were upside down...

Half an hour with unripping the seams and sewing it together the correct way

and it feels so good to empty this box and put away the fabrics so I can use them in other quilts.  Love these colours and want to use them in other projects now.

Another focus project was this table topper I sewed together at the girls weekend at the cabin some weeks ago..

And now the quilt inspector has approved it.  I am so happy with this finish.

Easter + Sun buns + Hanne = Tradition

And when Hanne was here we talked about how good it feels to just work on UFO's and actually have finishes. I have several new projects I want to start, but when I am tired and have had so much to to at work as I have had lately, it feels relaxing to just focus on a UFO.  I wanted to have some stitchery to work on now.  The only one I had was some Christmas stitcheries, and I did not want to do Christmas now.

Taling about UFOs and boxes we had stored here and there, I remembered one box on the top of my shelf that stored a BOM stitchery I started long time ago.  (As far back as 2009 actually).  9 of 12 blocks were done.  And in a couple of days the 3 others were done.  Now I can empty another box.  

Here are all 12 blocks.  I love these cute cats. There is no instructions how to put this quilt together.  It only says "stitch it into a pillow, put into a picture frame or stitch all twelve into a quilt".  I want to make a quilt and will now spend some time to figure out how to put them together.

The last days I have done something I haven't done in many many years.  I bought some cotton yarn and started to knit a washing cloth.

And I finished my first today.  It was so fun to knit again, so tomorrow I will buy some more yarn and make more washing cloths. 

Saying for today:

This could have been a photo of Rusken.  He was so interested in my yarn LOL


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you have been so busy and show so many lovely projects

CecileD said...

I love your table topper quilted like that and I think the inspector loves it too ! Ah ! Ah !
You've done so many beautiful projects and that's great !

Jeanne said...

So many lovely projects! I love those kitty blocks and will be watching to see how you put them together.

poppiquilt said...

Wow! How many projects finished and on going!
And what about of the hardanger embroidery banner on your photos? Was done by you also this one?

Anonymous said...

Ik heb zo genoten van je blog en wat maak je mooie dingen. Groeten Wilma

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