Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Sewing weekend at the cabin

Always fun to join these sewing weekends at the cabin.  We always intend to eat healthy (and you see it on the photo) and to go for a walk each day (and so we did). And we are sewing from early morning to early morning.  Just a little bit sleep.  Lots of laughter and happy faces.

As always I bring too many projects to the cabin, just in case.  Never know what I want to sew, and you can bet that if I leave something back home, THAT is the project I really wanted to work on.  Therefore, always a LOT of projects.  I stitched this block long time ago.  And now I have turned it into a table cloth.  Did not bring any backing to the cabin, so it still has to be quilted.

It is a small cabin so every place in the cabin is used.  Here I am working on Anni Downs Natures Journey.  So fun to work on this one again.  It will be my focus project now.

Made a design board for the other girls at the cabin (you can find the tutorial over at Bee in My Bonnet blog). And we all found it so useful. 

My Natures Journey out in the snow.  When coming home from the cabin I have done a little bit more on it.  Started to applique all the squares that is on these frames. 

We had so beautiful weather this weekend. And then it feels perfect with a glass of Proseco and sewing down some bindings.  I also made four table mats for my DD.  This is the binding of one of them. I also finished a BIG makeup bag.

Already looking forward to our next cabin trip.

Saying for today:


LuAnn said...

Looks like you had a fun time with lots of wonderful projects.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

lovely projects I will be glad to get my eye sight back in another week or two so I can sew again at a normal pace - having eye surgery sucks

Ondrea said...

Such lovely projects. Love your red and white one. Nature's Journey is coming along nicely. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful sewing with us.

CecileD said...

I'm glad you spent a wonderful time with your friends and fun projects !!
Thank you for sharing !

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