Monday, May 15, 2017



Happiness is family, friends, a BIG pile of fresh fabric and lot of inspiration.  I have been so lucky to have family that looked after Rusken while Hanne and I was on a 3 weeks quilt trip in USA. For you who follows me on instagram and facebook, you have been able to follow us visiting quiltshops, the zoo, spending time with friends and family, attending to a quilt retreat and a wonderful show and tell (thanks to Rosemary for making this smilebox),

My suitcase with all the new fabrics went missing at the airport, but arrived a couple of days later. And it was so fun unpack all the fabric, just like going shopping again.  I have a plan with a lot of the fabrics.

Like the background I bought for this quilt + that I am using a lot of the new fabrics for the blocks.  It is so addictive to make these blocks.  Just like candy, just one more ....and one more ....and .......

So far I have made 22 blocks.  160 to go.

While visiting the quilt retreat in Shipshewana I promised Hanne, Rosemary and Deb that I will make at least one blogpost each month. 

Hanne posted a Quilter's code today.  I found another one that have a few other abbreviations.  


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I am so glad that your suitcase was not lost permanently and that you have it and all your lovely fabric!!

Janet said...

So glad to see you back after your great adventure .....😛

Jeanette said...

I enjoyed seeing your trip to the US. So glad your suitcase artived safe & sound. Hugs, xx

Janet said...

That emicon should be 😀

Rosa said...

Great post.A lot of fun playing with your fabrics!

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