Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mai UFO focus

At the Tour the Fibre facebook group I have joined the challenge to have focus on projects.  To set goal for ourselves. Each month i will try have focus on one (or more) projects to get it finished.

This weekend I started to organize two cupboards in my sewingroom.  All saturday went working on that. An the bottom of  one shelf I found a paper bag with these brown and blue block.  You can't see the blue blocks here, but they are in the pile.  Found a paper in between that had the invitation to this class in 2009.  So it is an old ufo.

So what to do???  I arranged them in different ways, and ended up only using my blue blocks.  The brown and pink blocks went into the bag again.  Maybe I will do something with the brown blocks. Did not like this kind of pink together with it so that has to go.....if I do something with the brown blocks.

I even put together scraps of batting.  So easy when using the Heat Press Batting Together.

Did not have enough of the fabrics in the blocks to make a binding.  But luckily I found a perfect match for a binding in my stash.  

Binding on and I am sewing it down while watching a movie on TV.

So this evening or tomorrow I will have a finish.  Feels so good.
And then I will pick my next focus project.

Saying for today:


Debra @ Life is a Stitch said...

Such beautiful fabrics, and a great finish!! Always makes me feel good to have another UFO out and completed!!

Jeanette said...

The quilt is lovely. So nice to have a finish with a ufo. Hugs,xx

Hanne said...

Well done - and one Ufo less in your Ufo collection :-)

Leanne said...

It feels so good to have a finish especially from an old project, I love your new mini quilt.

Synthia said...

Hooray! Such a pretty little quiltlet! Such a good feeling of satisfaction. Thanks for sharing.

RandiT said...

Så fin! Syns stripete lukkekant er prikken over ien . Og fine blokker du har sydd!

Lappedamen said...

Lovely quilt. What a satisfying feeling when a UFO is not a UFO anymore!

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