Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer vacation is over

Three weeks of summervacation is over and I'm back at work today. I've had three wonderfull weeks together with good friends. Laughing, stitching, partying, quilting, chatting. It's been a great summervacation.

But today these cartoons of Maxine are telling:

Like now when I have so many sewing ideas, projects, inspiration, fabric, thread, books, magazines, patterns, good sewing friends, a messy sewingroom, a nice spot in the shadow on the porch to sit and know. I would rather be home stitching right now!!!!

Yesterday I finished all my blocks for the Angel Story Quilt.

Yesterday I finished block # 3 on Butterfly garden.

Photos will come in next post as I'm blogging from work now and my camera is back home LOL

(Yes I know I should be working, but ...............)

And I will soon have a giveaway for my 2 years blogiversary. So please come back and see what I'm up to about that.

Saying for today:

Promise some quilty photos in next post SMILE


Abby and Stephanie said...

This is my first blog read of the day. Great way to start. I LOVE Maxine!!!

Teresa said...

Ah May, you are a kindred spirit for sure - as I know many of us are out there in blogland. So glad you enjoyed your vacation and it must really be hard to go back to work after 3 weeks off.

Lise in Norway said...

Well done with your angels May Britt. The house is finish painting and now there are Norway Cup.Then there will be time to sew some more angel together here to.Looking forward to see how you put your colors together
We must find a new day for meeting...


PiecefulChaos said...

Oh, a three week vacation - I wouldn't want to go back to work! It sounds like you got a bunch done on your break though! I Love your Maxine cartoons!

Darlene said...

Three weeks of fun and play and now back to work. Bah Humbug. LOL

I'm in constant awe, May Britt, of all you accomplish. I can't wait to see your completed Angels. Enjoy your day.

Jeannett said...

Hi May, I love your blog but this is the first time left you a comment. I live very far from you but I feel like I am near. What a good vacation with friends and sewing I would like to be there. Sorry about mistakes english is not my language, I speak spanish.
Felicidades por tu lindo blog lleno de inspiracion no solo de costura sino tambien de vida.
Un abrazo

Unknown said...

Maxine is so much fun. I will be checking on you again to celebrate with you!

Peddlecar Quilts said...

Good for you! Vacation is so necessary to sooth the soul! Great Maxine moments--she kills me! lol. Diane

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