Monday, August 25, 2008

Stitchers' Angels - Treasure hunt

Already week two of the Stitchers' Angels projects. Now you have the pattern of Helens beautiful armchair caddy. And this week Natalie Lymer (Cinderberry Stitches) georgius bag.

And next week it's my project for you :) I look forward to show it to you.

Have you started something for your Stitchers' Angel friend yet? I have finished one and will try to make another this weekend. And hope to post the first surprise for her next week.

And to make this more fun, Helen has arranged a treasure hunt with some prizes.

You need to keep an eye out on the 7 designers' blogs for clues. They will be posted random at any time so my suggestion so as not to miss out on a clue is to bookmark each blog, add them to your bloglines or subscribe to their feeds. You find the designers blogs in my sidebar.
You need to collect all of the clues and at the end when you have them all you will have the answer to the treasure question. And when Helen ask you for the answer you have to mail it to her.

I know where to put my clues (yes there will be more than one) some time during the next weeks. And I think you know where to find them. I promise I will make it easy for you.

Saying for today:

A true FRIENDSHIP...Is a treasure that can never be lost.
I'm so glad we found each other!


claire said...

I really regret not understanding l' sufficiently; English to take part in hunting for the treasures, I l' , while waiting I will have made with pleasure will come to see on the blogs the surprise

Carrie P. said...

Cant' wait to see your project.

Jo in TAS said...

Looking forward to seeing your project next week!

Anne Heidi said...

Oh how fun! I haven't started on my swap gifts yet, but I will be working on them this weekend. Can't wait to see your project next monday!

quilterpolly said...

I am so excited to be part of the Stitchers' Angels however not sure about looking for clues for the treasure hunt. I'm not to good at trying to find the puzzle pieces. Can't wait to see what you have next week. You have all done a great job with this. Thank you so much

Unknown said...

This is exciting.

Carin said...

I can't wait to see your project next week.

alda said...

I love suprises..who!
The idea with the treasure hunt is realy great!
Now I'm stitching on the project from Natalie and then I'm very excited to see your design next monday!

Käranån said...

Spännande att se ditt nya projekt! Det var du som inspirerade mig att börja på An Angels story,ditt täcke är såå fint o när jag hade boken i hyllan blev det av, så tack för det!! Du gör så fina saker o har massor med energi, förstår inte hur du hinner! Ha ett skönt veckoslut.

Annette said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I used fabric from my stash and so can't remember the name of what I used. I know I got the fabrics from 2 different shops. I will keep an eye out and if I spot some more I'll let you know. Even be glad to send you some if you'd like. The angel project has been great fun so far. CI'm looking forward to seeing what you have created for us.

SewAmy said...

I can't wait to see your project. I am still working on my first project for my stitch angel. It's taking me a little longer then I thought it would.

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