Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No reply

Still there is a lot of bloggers that has no reply when they leave a comment. There is a few bloggers that have left comments on my blog that they want to join the challenge, but it is impossible to reach you because when I click on your "name" hoping to reach a blog, there is no link to any blog. Sorry I am not able to answer you.

Chookyblue has a tutorial on how to change from no reply.



Hei kan du få en slik oversetter på sio di. Har så lyst å følg med så e dæ ikke alt e forstår:-)
Du veit oss nord læningæ
Ha ei fin og kreativ uke;-)

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Hi May, is it too late to sign up for this challenge? I promise you can find my email on my profile!

If it's too late, that's ok. I can still play along unofficially!


Colleen Lunt said...

I love your blog. I have been going through the list of bloggers on the One Project a Month and have enjoyed viewing all their blogs. I e-mailed you to sign up for the challenge already. I hope to be on your list soon. I realize you must be really busy with everyone joining. Even if I don't win a prize I hope to be able to finish more of my projects. It is such a good idea. Thanks for you blog and for the challenge. Colleen

Kjersti M said...

Sorry for manglende mail, nå tror jeg det er fikset. Ikke helt inne på denne google bloggingen, bruker min sprayblogg med adresse Men for å få lagt kommentar hos dere på må jeg bruke den andre bloggen, Luna's hjørne.Har du sett at du har fått en utmerkelse i min sprayblogg?

Sallie Gayle said...

Thanks for making sure we made our spots correct. I love your site and keep it in my favorites
Thanks again

Unknown said...

yo tambien me quiero unir al proyecto del mes
un saludo said...

Hello , I post a comment a couple of day ago and I donnot know if you added my name in the list for One project a month ! Anyway I have finished some curtains I 'd in my cupboard for a long time . I have a photograph;Do I send it to my blog ? or to your blog? I cannot have the logo on my blog because I don't know how to pick it !!! Thank you for your help . Sylvie from France .

stufenzumgericht said...

Hello May Britt,
just have finished my first UFO for this month, was a lot of fun. I'm glad in having joined your Challenge!!!
Yours, Martina

Monika said...

Heisan - no har eg blogga 3 ferdige quilter i januar og funnet fram 3 til februar
Lørdagsklemma fra monika

Ylva said...

I am sorry, but I cannot figure out how to make the link go to my blog at

I told you some weeks ago I wanted to join this challenge. I wrote my URL as above in the comment. I hope this will do.

By the way you have a nice blog.


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