Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 reflections

Woke up this morning to -30,9C. Now it's starting to be a little bit too cold. And it is going to stay cold they say. So it is a great time to stay indoors and sew a little.

I took a look at last years reflections, and realized I still have some of the projects from that post unfinished. But thanks to OPAM I have been able to finish 33 projects this year and that feels SO good.

My goal for 2010 is to reduce the kits and started projects that is stored in this "gingerbread man box" and the white boxes on top of the shelf. I guess doing this I have plenty of projects to work on in 2010. But I have allowed myself to start on new projects too. Can't just sew on "old booring" projects.
So this means I am going to be a member of OPAM 2010. This will keep me on track finishing at least one project each month. I am not hosting OPAM 2010, but look out for a blogpost from Kris where she announce OPAM 2010.

And remember to list your december OPAM, last day to finish something tomorrow and to list your finishes. I have a december OPAM prize to give away. And I can tell you both I and Kris have some extra prizes to give away.

Hmmmmm......I also have to reduce the projects in this basket that stands on top on my bookshelf in the sewingroom.

Hanne and I have also agreed to reduce our stash of fabric. In this drawer I have "old" fabrics . I want to make a lot of "warming quilts" for donation. We have so much fun at our sewing weekends and we love giving these quilts away. And my goal for 2010 is to reduce ALL of these fabrics, which I do not know if I will manage, so I can throw away this old ugly drawer.
Another decicion is no more swaps...............Hanne, do you hear me.............NO MORE SWAPS for you and me. I rather make and send mailbox surprises during 2010. I know there is a friend of us (Bente) that does not believe us, but we will show her.

Saying for today:

Many people look forward
to the new year
for a new start on old habits.


Anna said...

Gott nytt 2010 och tack för ett trevligt 2009!

Själv har jag bara gjort färdigt tio projekt i OPAM men dem är jag mycket glad för. Jag hänger på nästa år med.

Lycka till med alla syprojekt under det nya året!

- Anna,

Hanne said...

You and me - we will be dynamite in 2010 (too) :-))
Stash reducing, OPAM participating and NO SWAPS!
I am looking forward to spend the new year with you !!

Amanda said...

Thank you so much for co-hosting the OPAM 2009, it's been great to push myself on to finishing things each month.

LeKaQuilt said...

Hei, Flotte mål du og Hanne har satt dere for 2010 - jeg skal prøve å henge med på ett par av dem :o))) Ønsker deg et Riktig Godt Nytt År !

Lurline said...

I like the idea of Mailbox Surprises - Happy New Year!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Elin said...

Hei, tusen takk for arbeidet du har hatt med OPAM dette året. Eg har ikkje klart å fullføre alle månadene, då det har vore mange uforutsette ting dette året. Vonar i løpet av nyttårsafta å få ferdig eitt prosjekt med lukkekant...Ønskjer det alt godt for det nye året (om eg ikkje har sagt det før). Likte godt Saying nederst i innlegget ditt....

Joy McD said...

Hi May Britt,
Thank you so much for organizing the OPAM chgallenge - I needed it, and it is so nice to see my sidebar and all the stuff I got done!
My computer just died and I am borrowing my husbands, but it won't let me update the sidebar for Dec. So just to let you know I finished two stockings for the month. I hope he gets my
computer going again soon because it is frustrating not having it!! I will update my blog as soon as it is fixed...
My goals for next year is to finish off all the boms I started this year! LOL!
Happy New Year!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

May Britt that is cold...sounds like a perfect day to stay inside and stitch....congrats on all your finishes, well done and good luck to you and Hanne with your challenge of 'stash reducing' sounds like a good plan...Happy New Year to you May Britt thanks for all your inspiration during 2009.

Val said...

Happy New Year!

Dolores said...

Well, I too will try hard to finish some of my many projects - but I will not join anything since I know I cannot finish one thing a month. I too will try hard to use up some of my stash (I have way too much to get rid of all in one year.) And I have also decided not to join any swaps but to make something "just because" and send it to someone for no reason other than I want to.
Happy New Year!!

Bev C said...

May Britt,good luck with reducing that stash. Thank you for your work in regards to the OPAM challenge. Happy new year.

Lorraine said...

Happy New Year!! we had 40C today...can't even imagine how cold it must be there!!! Great finishes for 2009.....I am planning to finish some of the kits and BOMs I have collected over the year....I think my head thinks I have more time than I actually have!! I think your idea of "mailbox surprises" sounds great..I have decided to take a break from swaps this year.....hoping that 2010 will be a wonderful creative year for you!

Mrs C said...

My goodness that's cold! Good Luck with your plans for 2010, my plan is to start crafting and stop buying.
Mrs C in snowy England.x

rachelmp said...

Good luck with all those challenges ... and Happy New Year!

quiltygal said...

Hi my dec finish up done with 90 mins to spare!! thanks for running it.... sorry I didnt finish more!!.... I am with you ..for 2010 no fabric diet !! (as well as no food treats) no swaps & much stash reduction we will keep each other honest

Lissa Jane said...

happy new year to you.....
my 'finished list' wasn't huge, I did have a spike in April 4 quilts finished and I think I got 5 quilts finished and have 5 tops ready to be quilted :O)
Best wishes to your and your mob 2010... (its already 2010 here in aussieland)
and -30??? my freezer doesn't get that cold.. we are having a top of 30C here today, its amazing when you think there is 60Degrees difference!


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