Thursday, December 17, 2009

Some time for sewing and OPAM

The last day have been so hectic, so I was so happy I finally got some time in my sewingroom. Some last minutes christmas presents had to be made. And this is what I sewed today.....
two tea light bags. It was so fun to make them.

I have also finished three tablerunners this week, but I forgot to take a photo of them before I wrapped them. Hope I can get a photo of them later.

So this mean I have 5 OPAM finishes this month. And perhaps I manage to have a few more finishes during the christmas days.

So OPAM ladies.........this is the last month of OPAM 2009. It is amazing how many finishes we all have together so far. And I guess there will be a lot of finishes this month due to all the chrismas presents that I see are secret projects on several blogs. Remember to list your december finishes in your sidebar and send a report to me. It is my turn to give the OPAM price. But I know there will be some more prizes too. Both I and Kris have some xtra prizes to give away.

There have been several questions about us continuing this OPAM challenge, but I have decided not to be a part of a next round. I know Kris is thinking about what to do, so you have to look for her decision about this.

The december OPAM winner will be announced one of the first days in 2010.

Saying for today:
Snowmen fall from heaven
one flake at a time.


Joy said...

Thank you SO much May Britt for all the work you put into the OPAM with Kris ..... it's been SUCH FUN :o)!!!
Joy :o)

Janice said...

Thanks so much for organising this challenge. It has really spurred me on to make things, be they often only small. I'm sure you will enjoy next year without the end of month pressure.

Letterpress said...

This little snowman quote was just what I needed to get going on some last-minute projects. I so enjoy your blog!

Elizabeth from California

siv hege said...

Telysposene er kjempesøte! Nusselige er de! Hold tottelottene varme så du ikke blir syk til jul :)

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Takk for at du var med og organiserte OPAM. Det har vært moro å være med!

Debbie said...

The tea light candle holders are lovely, are they made from special fabric or are they ok with the candles? Did you make up the pattern yourself or is it in a book. I think they are such a lovely idea. I am mad about candles and would love to make some. Thanks Debbie.

Liselotte said...

sikken god ide med pose til fyrfadslys - den vil jeg kopiere til næste år

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